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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Battle With the Toilet

When my hubby tries to fix something. Now it pluming of the toilet isn’t working.
I real can’t stand him fixing anything because he use his “King James English” Sure I’ve used a few King James English at times.
When he was growing up I don’t believe any of the kids was aloud to use King James English.
But now they’re sure making up for lost time now.
Anyhow one time I was helping my sister in law Faith in kitchen and for some reason I used the term “Son of Bitch”
I could use King James English when I was growing up but I could direct at any one.
But I don’t think my hubby can get though the day with out using his King James English

Now back to the toilet issue. So as he headed to the tree nursery where he works at.
I decided to take things into my own hand.
I’m playing the role as a plumber and I’m going to give it a fair shake and try to fix the toilet problem.

Number one thing I tried is doing a real deep cleaning maybe a whole is plugged. A drain whole is plugged. Or the vent is plugged.
It could be any above or all above

Number two I will though a bucket of hot water down the drain and see if that breaks up anything that might not got around the pipe joints

Number three is to use plungers to the toilet

Note time…I flush some gunk down the toilet that is to help to drains and septic tank

Number four is to use snake but we will be using an tow chain and seeing if he can’t loosen something up. But we will be start from the vent pipe on the roof.
Not saying we aren’t going the other way in

Number five is to once again flush hot water down and have someone go into the basement and try to put the pipe at anther angle or beating on them.

Number six is looking to see if the flapper needs adjusting

Number five or six haven’t yet been tried

If they don’t work I guess we can look at septic tank


  1. Hi! I'm sure you wanted to use some of that King James English yourself working on the plumbing.
    Once in a while we get stopped up too. I'm not laughing either!

  2. I think I'd be cussing too!!!!

    Hope you get it fixed and soon...

    Have a great weeks end

    Love, Jess

  3. Oh my, are you still "Peppy" I would have been right on the "King James English"... you go girl!!

  4. Plumbing - ugh!! Seems that there is always something clogging or not turning off or on - it's enough to make anyone cuss.

  5. humm, have been there...LOL!! can't wait to hear what happens next.

  6. yikes. That is a job I wouldn't be doing. I would rather pay a plumber.

  7. You did allot so did it finally get fixed?


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