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Friday, May 29, 2009

Biofeed infomation

Did my first biofeedback section today. Thought it was quite interesting.
I did learn quite a bit but I don’t recall what it all about.
But I’m willing to share what I recall.

I seem to be lacking in the Amino acid some more then others. I’ll have to get list from her on the ones I’m short on.
She suggested eating flax seeds

Then also I was missing some mineral in my body and the only one I recall was Boron and also plantinum I sure I hope I have this right

For some reason the biofeedback machine told me my color is gray for my healing or energy color

Plus I have some parasites she gave me a drink that I could make. It upstairs and she warn me it was awful tasting

My pineal gland is not balanced

It seem like lot of my problem is related to my stomach area. I don’t have many wrinkles but the ones I do is on my forhead. I understand that Chinese does a thing called Physiognomy
I was asked about my bm and mine is hard to give and honest account the one word I would use is it “varies”

Well the place I could use help mental is confusion and hesitating


  1. You are on right track, I think, Mine was all related to my "bowels" also. Not to go into it all, you are on the right track, I think. The Chinese medicine is very interesting. I sent a link to you that sums it all up pretty well. Have you read?
    Hugs and kisses.....for a wonderful "PEPPYLADY"

  2. Your apt. sounds so interesting! Keep us posted :)

    glad you enjoyed the recipe over at 'the Vale' - it even had flax seeds! (my fav. way to use them is grind some in a coffee type grinder (I just use mine for herbs & such) with some sesame seeds, & store the batch in the freezer for a few days - use it on my AM granola & sometimes salads.

  3. In the natural food stores you can find a product called *Braggs.* It offers Amino Acids (for vegans and vegetarians) and it can be used in salads and veggies.

  4. Yikes! I hope some of this stuff works for you. How do you feel about gray as a healing colour? I think I'd pick fushia, or aquamarine or violet - but then I like bright colours.

  5. Interesting post....I hope it all works out for better health for you.


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