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Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 09 In Review

As for me picking a color I sure wouldn’t pick gray. I can sure could ware that color.
I don’t know how the biofeedback machine picks the color for a person.
I only have two pieces of gray clothing a pair shorts and sweatshirt and I’m not going to put on the sweatshirt this time of year or run to town and buy a bunch a gray items.
I could use other gray items but have gray around me

I didn’t tell the person much but it was right on about pain and muscle stress in my upper back and shoulder.
Plus it also got my broken bone which was my toe

We did some touch up on our garden the parsnips didn’t come up and we replanted some.
One type of carrots didn’t come up either and replanted with white carrots.
Move some leeks around added anther cucumber plant.
Both green and wax beans are up now. Plus more and more is coming nicely along.
Planted and old fertilizer spreader with a gourd called “Luffa”
I decided to plant two dahlias in the corner of my garden

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  1. Oh I like dahlias! I have several in pots on my back deck. Nice that your garden is growing. We are only just beginning to plant here in the far north!
    Wear whatever colours you feel like and whatever feels good on you.


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