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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dream Board (Wolf)

In January I heard it is the full moon is called Wolf Moon although I know a lot of animal are having a hard time and takes a lot of energy to just basically move.
I even have a hard time in January after the holiday rush and still not much light for the sun.
I sometime don’t have an energy to do much or simple term. I become “lazy”. I have to say most every day I create or work toward my ceramic shop. It might be applying one color to a piece or doing some pricing. At this time I’m pricing the canister sets.

Jamie is now the host of Dream board.
I been slowly putting together a ceramic studio and I might change that word “studio” but for now it will do.
One thing I did I start some files and been colleting piece.
This file is called A to D which I have dishes, cats, clocks, candles, cups, and all sort of things.
It not all true I’m looking for pieces but I’m looking for color, texture, and design. Every piece can be change into many technique no two piece need to every look the same

three thing I was taught by both of my parents is not to be selfish, to be grateful, and thrifty.
Confession time..it took me years that being thrifty was not something to ashamed of
Well I had a wonderful goal for Christmas of 09. I’m going to make up a Santa bag one for adult and the other for children bag.
The goal is to fill each bag that everyone will receive two present and each gift won’t cost of $2.50.
So it means yard sales, thrift store, re-gift, and great bargains where every they may be found

On the way home from work I stop at local thrift store and did some shopping for Santa bag

I found these two new or they’re sure new looking towels. I paid $1.49 each. I might go back and dig a little and see if there is a wash cloth

I picked up two mugs and each cost me .29¢ each. One has a saying “ I can’t do a thing with my hair. Hell I can’t even find it”

I know the book I got at a Christmas craft show someone was selling uses book and I believe I paid a .25¢ for and the bells with mice was at our home. This was my mom home and now Murphy and I live in it.
So I believe the bell set was here but I could be wrong


  1. Wow your smart to get an early start on Xmas things for this year. Those are great gifts you found already.

  2. Wow, I'm so inspired by your early start. It's lovely to see the images that inspire you and to know that your ceramic studio is growing day by day.

  3. Thank you for your comment on my blog~

    Some days I am full of energy but other days I just do not want to bother. Lately my energy has been up which is odd considering the grey, snowy, dark winter weather. I try not to think so much about it and just move forward to creative venturing.

    I love your early start and all the inspiring pics you post~

  4. Peppylady,

    Each year I think about Christmas in January. This is a great idea you have. I always find little things here and there that I know people on my gift list will like.

    I used to do a lot of ceramics. It is a relaxing hobby. We were without a ceramic shop here for about 5 years but now someone has started one, so I may get back into it.

    I do want to begin embroidering gifts for my niece and daughter and if I can find some masculine patterns, I'd like to embroidery my grandsons each a dresser scarf. Maybe horses or deer.

    Take care. I enjoyed my visit.

  5. what a great way to start the new year!!! it's so fabulous to be so organized!!! hee hee!!!

    thank YOU for your beautiful support on my blog!!! my heart is singing with joy!!!

    peace and love

  6. I looked at my horoscope on line at a Kansas city news paper it said I was to me conflictive or combative because of the moon. That explains why I growled out loud at the grocery store. LOL I love ceramics. I did them years ago.

  7. Have a wonderful week ahead, and lots of love to you!


  8. Great dreamboard! I love the colours, the homey artsy images and energy going on there. Good for you for using the energy you have slowly like that. I know it's all I can do to just get up off the couch these days. When you finally feel the sun come back and are ready to bake, I hope you love those cookies as much as I did.


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