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Friday, January 09, 2009

Acknowledge your creative self

Chapter One Acknowledge your creative self

I guess I have some creative talents I never thought of them being anything great. I can embroidery, interior design, repair and fix quite a few items, scapebooking which I’m copying off my blog and every 25 pages or so I make a special page for my boys.
Someday I’ll give them it not sure when.
I don’t mind getting down and dirty when I create so gardening and ceramics vast interest and joy.
I’ve played the violin for 7 years and I’m fairly good at problem solving

confession time when people are amazed or tells me one of my pieces are nice I would challenge them by saying “ Oh it nothing do you want me to point out my mistakes” I never real looked at my self as a creative person because I don’t have degree in any of these creative arts

Before the days of plastic bags my mom who was thrifty and I want to draw. She would let me decorate groceries brown bags and my dads sandwich bags.
My mom during the holidays would make big batch of sugar cookies. The neighborhood kids and I would be at the kitchen table decorating these sugar cookies, and when I was in Kindergarten I got highly praise and my teacher showed the entire class the clown I did.
As for ceramics I found a ceramic shop and did a piece and was hooked on it, start to cast ceramics and ended up buying the shop.
Thankful time…my mom taught me how to be a free thinker and to make cessions on my own
As for rest of my creative talents not sure where I picked them up but I’m still learning and growing

Well I start being creative with my ceramics once again. I real don’t have much time to be creative as I like but it place to start up again.
I know this piece is a little off for this time of year but Yule season will come about again


  1. Peppylady, you are definitely one of the most creative thinkers I know of. You are always "outside the box" ~ heck, I bet you don't even know where that box is!

    How amazing that you had (or do you still have it?) a ceramics shop. Ceramics are so much fun. I have to settle for polymer clay, which is pretty fun too.

  2. Good luck with your Course. Creativity is sometimes hard to pin down. But oh, so much fun when you can!

  3. You are busy doing so many things.
    So creative Peppy!!!
    This book journey will be most interesting.

  4. Wow! You went out to buy a ceramics shop! The passion you have!
    Thatis a lovely ceramic you have there. I'm looking forward to more.

  5. Oh Peppy, you are a wonderful, amazing, creative lady! I hope you will be able to learn to acknowledge that without any self-critique. Sometimes you just gotta say "Damn, I'm good"-- and believe it!

  6. Stopping by for that coffee and to say thank you for your instant support PeppyLady!

    It sounds to me like you are indeed a fellow creative soul. While "art school" has it's place...nothing replaces the true spark of creativity.

    Looking forward to journeying with you in the club.


  7. Its nice to connect again via the book club...you bought the ceramics shop wow ...very inspiring story.


  8. Oh our Sweet Lady of Perpetual Coffee :) You are perfect just the way you are. A creative, loving, giving soul! :)

  9. Being creative is my outlet and stress reliever. I love when people love my earring creations. It gives me great joy. But more than that I love to see them wearing them. I too like to do other crafty things but beading is my mainstay.

    Have a fantastic weekend.

  10. Beautiful post Peppylady! I love that you decorated sugar cookies. You can do so many things. Yes, there are flaws in everything, it's true. When I did cake decorating, that's where we figured out to put the flowers. Where the mistakes were!

  11. I get a kick out of people telling me how creative I am too. All I'm doing is playing - like a kid in the dirt.

  12. Sounds like creativity is just so much a part of you that incorporate it into every part of your life. I can see why it would surprise you when someone would mention it, as if it were something separate from the rest of your life. I love this peek inside your thinking.

  13. Don't be depressed - don't be frustrated. DO it on a scale that you can - baby steps to your dream. I wish you nothing but success!!!

  14. A degree makes you no more or less creative, you seem to have creativeness in abundance.
    Enjoy rediscovering your creative self.
    Oh and props to loving ceramics, I used to myself, but unlike you, I didn't like to get down in the dirt.

    I enjoyed reading your post and look forward to more.

  15. It's so great to read so many of the posts about all of the women from the book group!

    I too don't have a degree in the creative arts and work full time as a multidisciplinary artist, sometimes it freaks me out, and other times i realize, it is just about creating the world you want!

    I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

  16. i have felt the same about my own talents....like my work is not good enough because i'm self-taught and don't have a formal art education...but then, i realise that i AM entitled to call myself an artist and i AM a creative soul, just as you are.

    How cool that you bought the ceramic shop....obviously, you found a real passion in ceramics so create away. You ARE worth the time!


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