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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reading (Passage)

The new moon is out which means change and this morning I did a one card reading from the tarot deck.
The card that I drew was the six of swords which is PASSAGE.

We pass though many spiritual and or mortal rhelms (sp) in our life. We are given many tools that we can deal with going into different passages in our life. It doesn’t mean we handle them always in correct and sensible way.

I know sometime I have major and minor passage in my life. Sometime I know change will be coming and there times I think it going to be difficult an it isn’t and other time I think passage will be easy and it’s not.
Actual quite a few times I think about the passages I may be going on about going back into ceramics.
I have all the tools to start the business back up but are my other tools of mortal and spiritual in line to make it.

I never consider one source always being just it. Ok except an evil one. So here a few reference they have on passage

1. Buddhism
2. Hinduism
3. Christianity
4. Tarot
5. Islam this one was a difficult one for me. You might want to google in “Islam passage”
6. Dictionary

After thought…The new year is coming up what kind of passage will we be going though

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  1. I'm with you on this. I sometimes think things will be very difficult and they turn out to be easy. The opposite is also true.
    I forgot it was a new moon today. So didn't take a tarot card. Will take one tonight.
    This morning I pulled a card from my Well-Being deck (the teachings of Abraham). It said "Desire is the beginning of all creation."

    So, it's time to create!


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