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Sunday, December 28, 2008

First Sentence Meme

I was tagged by Howling Hills to do this meme called first sentence meme
Take the first sentence of the first post you wrote for the month. So, for example, here is the first sentence of the first post in January 2008:

January….”This is the first “Head or Tails” of the New Year. This week is head and our topic is “Resolve or Resolution”

February…What is your favorite kind of cereal?
Post Raisin Bran

March….”This week photo hunt theme is Party and next week theme is different.

April….”Every Tuesday Skittles the host of Heads or Tails and every week there is something fun and interesting going on.”

May…”I decided to read more blogs from 365 and dig some more on our future strawberry bed.”

June…It Sunday and that means it time for me to do Green Thumb Sunday which is being hosted by Feverish Thoughts plus here a link to visit others who have a green thumb”

July…”Every week or almost every week I play Heads or Tail and this the theme is Summertime memory”

August….”Since I start to do skywatch I’m looking up more.”

September…”Well this summer wasn’t all that bad.”

October…”If you see your brother standing by the road”

November…”Blue is actual one of my favor color and I thought of 100 and 1 things to post.”

December…The warmest day in November was on the 1st 56.1 (13.4)”

I’m tagging dream time, Pea , Small town RN, Serena , Judi , Hootin anni and Autumn


  1. Hi Peppy...this is a cute idea for a Meme. Hope you had a fun filled Yule/Christmas. Wishing you the best in 2009.

  2. Thanks for participating!

  3. This is interesting - now I wonder what I was up to :)

  4. You made me curious so I went and checked my first post from this month:

    This post is mainly for the birds.

    That sounded a bit critical so I went to the second:

    I don't usually cheat but sometimes I can't resist.

  5. Interesting tag....I'll do mine soon...thanks ~ :)

  6. Hi, thankyou for visiting my blog and your comment. Brightest Blessings to you and yours for 2009 xXx

  7. now that is an interesting meme....I will try and get it done by tomorrow...

  8. Enjoyed your meme. I enjoy Raisin Bran too.

    Hope you're enjoying the season.

  9. Hi there!!!

    I am just about finished with the tag this morning. I should have it posted shortly.

    Happy New Year wishes to you!!

  10. Mine is up..Thanks for tagging me


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