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Friday, December 26, 2008

A Box Full Of Christmas Memories 08

The two-day of Christmas is over and I even came up with a new thing to do during the holidays.
Well maybe I’ll tell you my ideal at the end of this post.

As always we went to my sister in law Faith she own a bed and breakfast. She has plenty of room.
It started out real good when I woke up on Christmas Eve Morning and I ate some eggs and Johnsonville brats and got the bad case of gas “Have any of you heard of a good case of gas?” and this awful headache.
Went and showered and took a nap.
Well I did mange to make some peanut brittle.
So after the nap my head ache mange to be not as pounding.

Oh I was so afraid that I might have a loud toot. But Thank god/dess I didn’t.
Well this year it was pretty small gathering for Christmas Eve dinner 9 adults and 4 kids.
We do have family that lives in Post Falls area.
Faith has a son down in that area he was a wife and they have two boys.
Plus my son Sawyer is staying with a cousin of his. This cousin also has a wife and a son.
So if my math is right 7 didn’t make it up because of bad roads do to the snow.
Plus then my son Bart went down and helps them do some snow removal.

But as usual we had Pizza and Oyster stew for dinner.
Then it came to opening present but it had to have dinner clean up.
So we had the kids open a few gifts that came from Uncles and Aunts.
Let see if I can recall the gifts we got the kids that was there.
A rocket with a launcher that works by foot power.
Indoor game of scavenger hunt.
Twister hopscotch.
Plus I got present to go to the kids from Post Falls that didn’t make it
A nerf gun with a light beam
2 books.
A gun that shot soft balls out of.
A truck that hauls cars with button that makes all different sounds.
Now for the grown ups gift exchange we just draw numbers and of course #1 goes and pick up a present then so forth.
But you do have the alternative to take a gift from someone else.
So I brought five pounds of organic buckwheat pancake mix and quart of pure maple syrup.
Murphy took some heavy socks.
I came home with a rice cooker and Murphy got Aromospa.

Christmas Morning went a little slower and smoother. This was our first Christmas that our boys weren’t home.
So Murphy and I open our gifts we gave to each other.
I got a pair of slippers and Murphy got a wreaking bar.
So in the morning Murphy went over to the next door neighbor and snow blowed there drive way.
I made a festive salad for Christmas dinner.

1 or 2 heads of broccoli
1 good size head of cauliflower
Make into bite size pieces.
1 small can of water chestnut sliced (4 to 6 oz) drain I chopped these even smaller.
1 can of 6 black olives whole. (drained but save liquid)
1 medium carrot sliced thinly.
½ of pint of cherry tomatoes.
Put all in to a bowl and mix. Pour a small bottle of Italian dressing mixing well over veggies. Place in fridge and stir every so often letting the veggie sock the flavor of the dressing.
This should be made least 4 hours before the dinner.
If you fill your flavor is lacking you may add a little of liquid from the olives
I made two salad one of them I add Ume plum vinegar instead of the dressing

Not many there same as Christmas Eve.
Bart came home from Post Falls and got in about ten last night. So he brought up the present that Sawyer gave us. He gave his dad a pipe. I got a watch, and his brother Bart got a slingshot.
Well from Bart he bought us a radio and CD player.
Then we gave Bart a tee shirt with an elk on it, a pair of heavy socks, a pair of Levis jeans, a coat, and a toroak (sp) wrench.
So they’re present sitting under our tree that goes to my son sawyer and to my grand nephew who lives in Post Falls

I notice that Hollowing hill add a question to eight question and growing and her question was “What was the first paragraph of your first post on your blog?” I real didn’t do much of entry the first time I blogged but here it is.

Jan 1 2005

“This is my first time doing a blogg. I never did a diary or journal when I was young. It cold here now. “


  1. WEll I am glad that you were able to spend time with family...sorry your son couldn't make it...I so feared that my girls wouldn't make it..it was really touch and go for a little while...but they are here and I am truly thankful.....hope you are having a great day!

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas, despite your son not being there...thanks for the salad recipe ~ :)

    love, light and peace,

  3. Sounds like a nice family gathering. Glad you had a good Christmas. That salad looks yummy.


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