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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Let Not Worry Over It

Confession time…I did something I promise my self I would do is to worry about things that I had no or little control over
My son Bart friend Adam his family worships at the Assembly of god the local branch in Sandpoint is organizing a trip during spring break to go to New Orleans and help built homes which I think is a noble ideal.
I’ve thought the churches (lack of better word) doesn’t matter what teaching or belief they may or may not do.
Should put more effect in serving the community and people needs.

Last night Bart went to Sandpoint to turn in his application to be a worker on these housing project.
A little after midnight I woke up and started to worry about if my faith would have anything for the choosing of my son to go or not to go.
See I’m fairly choose who I talk about spiritual matter with or the words I use. I refuse to argue of mater of the spirit.
This blog I’ve been the most open about my feeling of spiritual matters.
One of the question they ask was my e-mail address and I put down my personal one and if they every did a google search they would find my blog and could start to read it

Then I fought in my mind not to worry about how they may or may not receive me.
Then I should stop by and see my Aunt Eve I haven’t seen her sense the end of October at Uncle Glen Funeral.
The reason I don’t want to hear her opinion that the Auto Workers are getting to much money on the assembly lines.
Or how labor drove jobs over sea.
Ok I’ll admit Labor has some shortcomings. But I know darn well that not the only reason for the problems.
So that start to play in my mind

So I toss and turn for about 2 hours and kept telling my self just get out of bed and I tried mindless brain things to settle my brain down

I know I should had this up in part of Bart going to New Orleans both of my boys has construction skills.
Both are kind hearted, and know how to work hard.


  1. Whatever is meant to happen, will happen. If it's meant for Bart to go to N.O. with the Church group-he will be chosen and you're blog will not have anything to do with the decision. If he's not meant to go with this particular group, I am sure that if it's something he really wants to do-he will find another way of getting down there.

  2. I agree 100% with Silverneurotic. "Everything is as it should be." That's a Buddist saying I like to use often. It keeps me sane.

  3. So hard to shut our minds off sometimes, isn't it? Even when we know better, even when we know that worrying doesn't make a hoot of difference, still our minds just keep on doing their own thing.

    I hope your son gets to go and build houses. If he doesn't, then he wasn't meant to. If it has anything to do with what people think of YOU, then do you really want him to hang out with them?

    Just a thought. And I agree with the others who commented - but I think you already know that - it will be as it is meant to be.


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