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Friday, December 05, 2008

So Where the Energy

I came home from work total exhausted and beat. I grab a cup of coffee and went straight to the couch and just sat there.
End of Judge Joe Brown was getting over some how I got off the couch and turn to Oprah and she had her decorating friend Nate was on.
They were doing a show on some people who won this contest who did there own home decorating.
Some were pretty good and anther one not so good. Got some ideals.
But Both Murphy and I was wonder were do these people get the energy or the time to do there own place.
Like now I’m wipe out and sore.
Today I felt lucky to take the plate I ate off unto the sink.
Anyhow Murphy had the place picked up, dishes done, and three loads of wash done.
But one load of clothes is in the dryer.
He cooked dinner tonight we had broiled steaks, fried potatoes, and green beans

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