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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

ABC Wednesday T is for....

On Wednesday I do ABC Wednesday but for some reason there been trouble at the other link. So one might try this one

T is For….


This is one game I really in joy playing when I was in school. I even had one when I was younger

Well at first I was getting frustrate were to put some of my Christmas décor. I usual put the tree in corner in living room.
Now there is an end table.
Most years I just stick the end table in the small bedroom

But this year I want to put a Yule Type altar on the end table. So it came to me to put the brown chair in the small bedroom and put the end table there.
So the tree will go up in usual spot.

Today I as went into town I bought some candies to put in my advent calendar. We I bought several bags and I put 3 pieces in each slot and I came up short.

I got anther survey on my side of my blog. Go head and give your two toots worth.


  1. I remember teather ball and we too played it in school. I wonder if kids do that anymore as I guess it isn't as exciting as a karate class or a video game...

    ABC Post

  2. Wow! Loved the giraffes, so similar to the two hrses I posted. I wonder what they were whispering! LOL!

  3. Tetherball was a favourite with me as well. The only problem was my friends were all taller so they could really get the ball going higher than my head. But I loved to play just the same. I invite you to come see my telescope post. -- Margy

  4. You left a comment on my post about MS...I didn't take any offense at all. In real life, I am pretty straight to the point. In typing, I have to be straight to the point. LOL. And coffee is good all around.

    New Rambling Woods Site

  5. Tether ball is a TERRIFIC idea for the letter T.

    Bear((( )))


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