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Friday, December 12, 2008

Dream Board For Yule

Suzie Sacred place on full moon or closely too. Does a thing called “Dream board” and this is my first time taking part in this.
I did mine with my hubby in mind and part of the Gemini in the moon at this time.
I thought if I could do something that my hubby wished for would be to get the paper clutter under control
So there always tools one needs to accomplish things. Wisdom time…You can’t catch fish with out fishing pole No it doesn’t have to be a fancy one but a pole with line and hook, bait can be found.
So it the same thing the right tools do help.
So I cut out pictures of different tools that I need to control my paper clutter.
Confession time…If I organize and got paper madness tame I would be able to move on to more project instead of going in circle
I add a little holiday wrap. Confession time…I like doing different things for all holidays not just “yule” but at time my life seem to be going in circle of just maintaining this home.
I don’t know much about moon in astrology none of us here has a moon in Gemini but I felt this pretty well some up my life WORK IN PROGRERSS


  1. This was my first month too, it's kind of fun, isn't it?

    I think that most people struggle a bit with the paper clutter and it is very difficult to get a good system in place to control it! I hope that your dreams for getting control of it all come true and that you get a chance to more forward on some of your other projects too!

  2. When you find a good system for paper clutter....let me know.

  3. tee hee, me too!!
    Actually, I am getting a bit of a handle on it - have been working on filing stuff older than 2 years in one file, & newer stuff in another. I'm collecting mags for SoulCollage, so have a basket of those (will need a box soon :)
    & just got a bookshelf at a local thrift store - solid wood & only $8- so I can 'house' more of my books.
    Sigh - paper clutter sure mounts up!!
    love your collage

  4. Paper seems to be my nemesis too! I'm glad you could use paper to create and take the firs step to getting it under control. Way to go Peppylady! Thank you so much for participating, you're doing great!

  5. This was my first dream/vision board too...what fun it was too!

    I seemed to create A LOT of paper clutter during the process of making my dream/vision board. LOL

    Your dream board is looking LOVELY!

    love, light and peace,

  6. It's funny you should post about paper clutter because just the other day I went through tons of old bills, receipts, etc that I had kept the last few years and threw it all out finally! Only kept the most recent ones. I also went through all kinds of papers I had and threw most of that out also...sure feels good once you can get it done:-)

    I wish I could join your calendar swap but I've already taken part in 5 swaps and it's cost me a fortune in postage:-( Next year I must cut down some more. xoxo


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