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Thursday, December 11, 2008

It Either There Clueless or Plain Brainless

Let me tell you that I feel like a tired dog chasing it own tail going in circle and never getting anything done.
It was some what stressful and tired day at work.

Sometime the churches (mainly the christen ones) and the welfare agencies who are pose to help the needy out. They’re clueless!!!!
My friend Lewalla who resent arrive back in our community who is flat broke and some angel found her place to stay rent-free. Which we our Thankful.
But this place only source of heat is wood but of course no wood at the place.
So Donna and I start to call up the ministerial association (local christen pastor) who is to help those in need in our local community and that’s a joke.
I only know one project they do is the Thanksgiving food basket which is a noble thing. But the rest of the year their dead to our community needs.

After calling different agency. Donna called up the community Thrift store which is ran buy the Seventh Day Adventist Church and they would purchase her a cord of fire wood.
I’m not sure of all of there teaching but I thought it would be kind of me to leave a link to our local Seventh day Adventist . To me this part of a saintly spirit is to be part of community and help out each other.

I saw the head lines in our local paper and there was 11.2 % unemployment in our local county.
The backbone of our community has been the timber industry. Well that about dead as door nail. Some say it the environments and other say it poor forest management.
But there three factor the two just mentions and the other is the market.
They just had a lay off at Riley Creek
I understand like every place else there is a need for Christmas charity
It real don’t sound all that good.
Murphy unemployment ran out and now he drawing on extension which I have no ideal how much.
But after the first of the year he can open a new claim

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  1. Glad you helped your friend find a source of wood! One of my aunties was adventist, & they do have a strong drive to help others!
    It's a hard time of year to be in need!


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