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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Waiting and Wondering

The alarm went off at 20 til 6 but it took me about 10 minutes to crawl out of bed. I don’t why I open the kitchen door maybe I saw it was 21 out side.
I guess I want to see if everything was frost it over.
It was.
So next I started a pot of coffee and woke my son Bart up.
Went down and turn on computer and looked up our next assignment over at Soul Coaching knowing that I had to get ready for work.

I start to wonder how score and in pain I’ll be in after work. I’m on concrete floor and by the end of the day I feel like the arches in my feet are broken.
I also wonder if Donna will fire me because “god” told her to or will she think I’m full of demons.
In resent pass she broke off friendship with few of her friends because god told her to. Or she thinks it god.
I’m not judging who or if any spirit type talk to her or not.
But it got me wondering how stable my job is with her.

As I’m watching the news and when the weather came on there was calling for rain in Spokane which is about 2 hour drive south of were I’m at.
I knew it was to cold to rain here and it had to warm even to snow and the sky was on the gray side.
I was sure hoping it snow.
I’m not even sure why this is but I find snow freshly falling from the sky. “Peaceful”.
Well it did snow and I recall I was up at the car wash vacuuming out Donna car and just stood there for a minute or two watching the few flakes come down


  1. What a beautiful moment with the snow.

    Sending you good toughts on the job front. What a challenging situation to be in.

  2. I love how snow has a way of making even ugly scenery beautiful!

    I am sending you blessings to deliver you from the difficult times and bring you safely into the light! :)

  3. Because God told her to...that drives me nuts. I've had friends bail on me for the same reason, what kind of God is that?! Jeepers!

    I have broken my arches and hope that you get some inserts to help those sore feet of yours. You deserve to not be in pain.


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