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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

ABC Wednesday P is for....

It Wednesday a least it is sill here Wednesday. So it time for ABC Wednesday

P is for…


This post office was built during FDR presidency. I’ve been told that my grandpa Edgar worked on this.
Murphy Grandpa John actual worked in post office and collected a retirement from the postal service

Yesterday I went to my first “Tops” (Taking of pounds sensible) oh now I wonder if I can do this diet.
I’m somewhat confuses about my fat serving. I did buy their book and hopeful I can find my answer to my questions.
Well I did my first way in and I thought I would be tipping the scales closer to 200 pounds but it buttom out at 193

Today question for Soul Coaching is where are you now?

I could say I’m right here and that would be a short honest answer.
I’m sure not where I want to be with different part of my life. One I’m over weight and if you read earlier today I join tops so I can get support in loose this weight.

My home isn’t total a pigpen but I need some organizing stuff to finish out my projects.
I bought some files to put my papers in and a least their less and less paper floating about and getting lost.

Now for ceramics we did get all the molds off of our basement floor. Confession time…Not sure where I need to go but I feel I need to keep working toward my goal of having a shop I think it will be good ideal to move the molds off of our garage/shop floor

Sometime I have a hard time seeing where I’m at in my life. It doesn’t seem to move as smoothly as I like or thinks it should


  1. Nice post office and great you have a personal history with the building. Good luck with your weight loss - I lost 50 lbs over 2 years, but it's been sloooowwwly creeping back on - maybe 3-5 lbs. Gotta take action NOW!

  2. P for Post Office and Pigpen! LOL! Good post! I like to hear about other people's towns, and you have a real link with the history of this building, don't you?

    Thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday! Hope to see you again next week! :)

  3. Enjoyed your post and blog. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving me birthday wishes.

    Hope you have a good rest of the week.

    i enjoyed my visit, and I'm adding you to my blogroll...and will be visiting again!

  4. P is for persevering.
    P is for precious.
    P is for powerful.
    P is for peppylady! :)

  5. Hi there!

    I’m stopping by to let you know that I’m hosting the “Holiday Cooking, Blogger Style” recipe exchange again this year, coming up this Friday. I hope you can join me and if you’re willing to help me spread the news, I’m offering a giveaway as well!

  6. On behalf of the ABC Wednesday TEAM, I thank you for your wonderful contribution and ask you to start thinking about words beginning with «Q»!!! LOL!

    Love, from Sunny Lisbon!!

  7. POST office is PERFECT for ABC Wednesday.

    Bear((( )))

  8. Losing weight is never easy...and diets don't work...it's lifestyle changes...but if starting on a diet is what you need to kick start your change for better eating then so be...and I commmend you for making steps in the right direction.

    Organization...oh gosh...I wish I had a place for everything and that everything had a place...but it won't happen...but I try to keep things tidy and organized...that's just me....

    Are you still walking? I know you were really enjoying that...good luck with all of your endeavours.....

    P.S. Do you remember when we did that Scavenger hut and you sent me those wonderful flower stickers...you know for the life of me I have been searching for one's as pretty as you sent me but I have not been successful...may I ask where you found them? If you get a chance you can just email me the information...thanks so much!


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