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Friday, November 07, 2008

Sky Watch Friday (Gray Skies)

Last Friday I worked and didn’t have the chance to do sky watch. I have this Friday off and now I’m here to do Sky Watch

I don’t know why I enjoy our birch tree on corner of our lawn and I guess I real don’t need reason to like or enjoy something in my life.
I don’t think their any color of sky I don’t enjoy and find something in it. Not saying how it effects my mood.
After looking up this tune came to my mind but I don’t recall the whole song it talk about gray skies.
I tend not to look at the world very black and white. When you mix black and white one will get gray.
I actual believe their 90% good let give them the white hats and 10% bad then let give them the black hats.
So that’s mostly white and that makes up a very light gray

I’m still being faithful and doing soul coaching today topic is lightening up

Before I start on today topic of lightening up my load. I want to take a few moments and review my day yesterday.
After work I was tired and poop.

I went in store and got a couple of pizza out of the deli and got Bart a wrap for his job that he has on the weekend.

When I took this job my plan was to get some extra cash which has been helpful.
I also plan to be able do the extra around the home but it seems like I only do the bare necessities.
Then work toward having my ceramic shop once again and it hasn’t gone like I plan.

When I came home my arches of my feet felt like they where broken and went straight to the couch and put my feet up.
Oh and got my self a cup of coffee.

a good night sleep and woke up a few minutes before the alarm went off and start a pot of coffee.
Turn on TV and turn it off and decided to enjoy some peace and quite. Did a little combo of praying and meditating.
I want or need to take care of some lighter stuff today a light pick-up plus I need to balance out our checkbook.
Then pay some bills.
Not sure what other things I’ll be doing today but what every it is. It needs to be done.

I plan to do two more larger projects but it doesn’t matter which way it happens. I want to shampoo the furniture and exchange some bras that I order from JC pennys which don’t fit me and I’ll need to go to Sandpoint to do it.
I like to do one today and the other tomorrow but it doesn’t mater which way it happens.
I ask Murphy which way he would like to do it . I don’t think it real matter to him.
Murphy been a smoker of cigarettes and this morning he is struggling with it.
He has quite for a while now but don’t recall how long.
So I’ll have to be patient with him and go with the flow.
I can do these project on my own,


  1. The tree is nice in front of the grey sky. I used to live where the whole month of November looked like that. Were it not for the trees, I would have gone nuts, I think!

  2. Nice image - though I think showing the whole tree would have been even prettier! :)
    Cheers, Klaus

  3. That's exactly how our sky is looking today...it's supposed to rain for the next few days now. Ugh. Weather always seems to affect my moods...when it's yucky out I'd rather just curl up in bed and hibernate! lol

    Good luck to Murphy on quitting smoking, it certainly isn't an easy thing to do! xoxo

  4. may you have a relaxing, and lightened day after your busy day yesterday.

    love, light and peace,

  5. nice shot for skywatch!

  6. I think your last comment says it all: Go with the flow.
    How often does our life really work out the way we plan??

  7. I love the affirmation that we don't need a reason to love what we love. Here, here.

  8. Great sky watch, sure is what the winter months can look like around here as well.

  9. The sky is worthy of watching. The tree is majestic! I love the pic! Going with the flow is so much more relaxing. Letting go of control takes us to places we never intended. And that is magic!

    Thank you ! :)


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