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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Toxic Friendship

I came down this morning and took a peak at today topic over at soul coaching of facing your death.
Well we all know we are going to die in the physical sense and we all have are ideal what happen to our soul or we hope to happen to our souls.
But I think I want to personal address saying, “Good bye to those toxic things we hang on to in our life”

In general we let toxic things to be come apart of our life and lot ways we start to have a relationship with it.
It then comes apart of us.
Just like an old pair of shoes.
In one side of the coin they are real comfortable and the other side of the coin they cripple us.

I guess the big questions.
Would be is this the right time to get rid of the toxin?
How do I get rid of the toxin?
If I get rid of the toxin would worst one show up?
When one choose to get rid of bad toxin will the good one go out with the bad

In all if one decided to rid there self of a toxin one need to take the correct steps or they may have worst problem the they started with.

Do I have toxin that slow me down and make me unsure of myself. “Yes” I could do a 180-degree and not question any possible decision I make.
Wouldn’t look at the other side of coin on issue.
Like I said in Yesterday post I could be like my friend Quenella and only real look at one side of the coin.
Which is also a toxic in one life

My post about Quenella is on the buttom part of the post


  1. Waning moon (which is now) is a good time for releasing things. You could make a list of the things you want to let go of, and then each evening visualise them going away from you, getting smaller in the distance as the moon gets smaller. You could also light a black candle, maybe at bath time, as you soak in the warm water and relax (good for banishing unwanted energy) Smoky quartz is a good crystal to use too - put it beside the candle.

  2. Ruth is right, this is the right time to get rid of toxins. I'm currently writing about all different ways to do so on my SSS blog. It can be done and makes such a difference.

    BTW, I am totally afraid of being dead. I really am. I think that's why I'm so entranced by ghosts, they give me hope the spirit survives.

  3. I love the image of the old pair of shoes - brilliant!


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