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Friday, November 21, 2008

Sky Watch (Open or Close)

Oh how the clouds change by the minute nothing old over at Skywatch hope you have the time to join in and or post

As we were hauling wood from the barn/shed I notice in the southern sky. There was a mixture of light and dark though out the clouds.
I wonder if the clouds was going to open up so the blue sky could shine in.
Then on the other side of coin I was the clouds may cover up the sky and bring us something like rain or snow.

Today topic of soul coaching is spiritual allies

I don’t have any sit way being part of the spiritual needs. Their time I pray and their time meditate or even do comb of both.
Like this morning I did both.

I’m not locked in to one set rules in my spiritual life.
So I keep my mind and heart open.
I have a strong will or some may call it stubborn that I won’t let evil spirit be part of my life.

The god/dess made me who I am as an individual so I worship as an individual. I will attend different place of worship when I feel like it

I’m happy with my spiritual being but I’m always open for growth


  1. I love the light and dark of the sky.

  2. The trees give depth to this lovely picture.

  3. I love this post - esp how you say you were made as an individual and that is how you will worship. Lovely! I never thought of that before.

  4. Loved the picture of the sky...those clouds weren't holding snow were they?? lol When I went out after lunch to buy some groceries, I noticed the sky was starting to get really dark and I thought for sure we were going to get another dumping of snow but passed us by and the sun came out. Still very frigid, though, so the snow is staying on the ground. Have a great weekend my friend. xoxo

  5. Being open for growth is the most amazing thing! :)

  6. Nice skyview.

    You may check mine here.

  7. Sounds like you are your strongest alley, nothing wrong with that!


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