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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The day is all most done here and I though I ought to put up something for ABC Wednesday

R is for…

This is the Moyie river

I been learning and enjoy doing soul coachingand to day topic is “Being Present”

I thought one thing I need to do is not tear my day down.
It was a very uneventful day.
Which I’m actual very glad for.
Murphy and I did some light house work and we decided to go up to placer creek and get the rest of our greenish color slate rock.
We piled some of the slate up behind the gate.
So it took out 3 wheel barrel loads and took them to our place.

Murphy decided to unload these rocks out behind the barn/shed. I guess he liked them how they are stacked.
So he took the other pile and moved them out behind the barn/shed.
Now we can actual see our inventory.
We have enough slate to cover and area of 64 square feet up to 144 square feet. We have several ideal we want to do with the rocks.

Today the dryer made this awful noise and it was real easy to fix. We pulled out the lint trap and took a vacuum hose and with the narrowest attachment tool and reach down and vacuum it out

Ok, Murphy and I went had sex this morning we were a wake and no one was home except us.

No I didn’t work on my ceramic shop or do any major decorating thing to my home but I had great company of my hubby.

Yesterday in our soul searching was about “Facing your shadow” Caroline gave me a real a good 180 degree look at facing our shadows.

As you know who been reading my soul search posting.
To put in a nutshell that I will try to look at everything at every possible angle before I make a decision. Which a lot time it slow my self up to take action

Well I have a friend Quenella who lives in what sometime I call “Lalala Land” and is the extreme B personality.
Well she has grand ideal of having small expensive weddings complete catered.
She planning to charge twenty thousand dollars and will serve up to 30 people.
She asks me several times for my counsel on different area of her wedding business.
Well one thing I see and I mention this to her “people are going to look at the price and see the number of people that is allowed”
She said she couldn’t do it for any less.

She and her husband Earl has done a lot of work on there rock gardens. But she has a long ways to go to feature wedding for that price.
I could see possible hosting smaller weddings events

I think she looks at everything in a positive light and don’t know how to look at anything other in a positive light or refuse to.
But her hubby looks at everything in a negative light or he don’t know how to look at any other in a negative light or refuse to

I guess weighing out the pros and cons of situation can be real helpful also instead of jumping in blinded and with both feet.


  1. River - perfect for ABC Wednesday. Nice photo, too! On behalf of the team, thank you for taking part - we hope to see you again next week! :)

  2. What a great way to get present - to spend time with your hubby. What a nice day.

  3. Hi Peppy
    Stopped by for coffee this morning.
    The greenish slate rock must be pretty. Working with it sounds like it will be a fun project!!


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