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Monday, November 24, 2008

Not a 100% Crap

Yesterday I didn’t do my body image for soul coaching I just needed to take care of some heavy things that was holding me down.

I honest don’t know if I like or dislike my body.
Let see I’ll take it from the top.
I have thick dark brown hair that going gray which doesn’t both me.
My fore head is much too large.
I don’t have any trouble with my nose anyhow I didn’t get my mom nose. It looks like someone cut out a prefect triangle and stuck it on her face.
I’m not terrible short although my oldest son Sawyer every time he see me he makes a comment “Gee you’re getting gray and your short” I’m 5’6.
I’m over weight and I would try to change my life style that made me heavy. But then I was back to my old nasty habits.
I joined T.O.P.S I needed something that I’m accountable for.
Confession time…I real don’t know what I want for my finely weight goal. I was thinking 135 pounds. I weight a 192 now.
Some things I think it strange on my body I have a real hard time buying tops.
I’m very large busted. “Oh if you think being big boob is a blessing let me tell you it’s not all it cracked up to be”
When I go into get a top one or two things will go wrong. If it fit me in the shoulder and I’m not all that big in shoulder. I can’t button it or it just so tight it makes the bust area look strange.
Then if I get the boob area to fit. It sometime so baggy on me around the shoulder it looks like I ought to add should pad from the N.F.L.
The last place I put on weight is my waist area. I use to have a super flat stomach but now I don’t although I do have a waistline.
I’ve been told I have cut ass. “I don’t have an opinion about it”
I’m not a big fan of my thighs or any part of my legs. I’ve always had large and heavy legs.
When buying jeans. To fit me around the hip and legs it ended up being super loose in the waist area.
Let see I might have thick hair but my finger and toe nails are a mess

If I lost my weight I would believe my blood pressure and cholesterol level would be normal.
I’ve always retain water

Today assignment is “Body Detox”

I can’t say I have the most healthiest life style but I can flip the coin and say I do a lot of healthy things

I try to eat a healthy meal but I do come up short. T.O.P.S tries to get you to eat a healthy and balance meal although Opinion time…I think they could go more on the vegetables then they do
My day starts out with coffee and I don’t drink as much as I have in pass. They’re pro and cons on coffee like every food we put in our bodies.
I always eat breakfast and lunch is something I real have an issue with there are times I get busy and not eat a good lunch then around 2 to 4 in afternoon my sugar level drop and I usual eat crap.
Then resent I don’t put food in my mouth after dinner and been watching my portion what I eat.
Part of T.O.P.S.

I been making cookies for our up coming Thanksgiving dinner. Confession time…I real enjoy the taste of cookie dough which is full of sugar and fat.
But each night I done cookies I only eat one and no more.
When cookies first comes out of the oven nice and warm that’s the best time to have them.

Water in past has been an issue with me. I’m not a fan of ice water actual I like it out of the tap or with a twist of lemon.
Do I get my eight glass of water usual no.

My main exercise is walking although my body is better with arch support I still hurt and walking on soft ground I can handle.
I also keep physical active on my job, and around the place.

One thing I’ve learn in soul coaching it ok to rest. When I got off work I watch the last half hour of Dr. Phill and put my feet up.
I felt so much better gain my second wind

Well there vantage and disadvantage about having this part time job sure there time we can afford higher grade food.
But there been time I bought processed foods because I was to beat to eat

I’ve seen some people diet I shake my head but also I know our diet there is room for improvement on ours


  1. Oh the deliciousness of cookie dough, LOL. It's true, it's full of sugar and fat. Not for every day but a treat now and then, it's wonderful to make cookies.

    That was a very complete inventory of how you're feeling about your body, very revealing!

    People can be vampires, they're called dark entities and are horrid influences in our lives. I'm glad you did that banishment!

  2. I am happy with the way I look, I am just a few pounds lighter than you and the same height. I figure at 55 I am doing ok.

  3. Wow - what a lot of info and I can really relate.
    I do the same thing at lunch. Try and skip it or just some carrots or an apple and then get really low blood sugar and feel like I'm gonna die. So I eat. And Eat. And then say "why the heck did I skip lunch? To eat crap????"

    I also have big boobs and its NOT FUN!! I would much prefer to wear wispy, lacy bras instead of the underwire contraptions I wear. And the shoulder straps dig in. Fun, eh??

    There 's always a lot to change in our lifestyles. But what the heck? We gotta enjoy life anyway.
    p.s. - thanks for stopping by my new blog.


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