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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Took Action

I was once again stiff and sore when I woke up mostly in back area. Let me say a lot better then yesterday.
I had hope maybe with some coffee and a light movement I would loosen up.
I did

I don’t why I’m in the mood for snow. It doesn’t look like it going to snow anytime soon.
But I hear an artic front is coming down.
We got wood for the stove and plus gas and electric heat. The last thing we want to use is our electrical heat.
“Very costly”

A short time Murphy and I was out in the front yard doing something and we pointed out a wasp nest.
Which was hanging from a western larch.
It was well hidden all summer when the tree was full of life.
Then came fall and the sap went down in root and the leave/needles begin to fall exposing the nest.
I wonder why the wasp built a next that one could later see

This morning I start to have unnecessary worries again that no one knows will every happen and if they did when would it happen

So I decided to take action and get rid of this heavy burden that came upon me. How every it got hold of me.
I knew it was due time to get rid of it

So I did a banishing ritual in my own style

I made a cut out person using a ginger man cookie cutter.
Wrote in large letter down the center “UNNESSARY WORRIES”
Then I list all unnecessary worries.

My ritual went like this
Heavenly Father and Mother Earth.
I need these negative spirits and forces gone.
They weigh heavy on to my self here they are

I also printed them on my person and read them aloud.
1. Being force to do homecare.
2. The economy is so bad that I can’t afford to leave my job.
3. Murphy job is so unstable that we can’t risk me quitting.
4. The economy is so bad that they’re no market.
5. My body will be beaten up that I can’t do ceramics.

Then I tossed it in the wood stove and said
I ask now to wrap me in good loving spirits.
That will protect me and to have necessary balance upon me and those around me.
I’m blessed
I love
I’m at peace and the world is good

I’ve done some light things around or routine thing around the place. No major plans to do just going to do what every and enjoy my day.

It would be nice to put a link to soul coaching


  1. You surely did take action! I love that ritual, and I am going to steal/borrow it the next time I am wrapped up in worry.

    I too have been noticing all the nests that were hidden in bushes and trees this summer. It is really beautiful to see that all these birds and beings were hanging out and growing in all these hidden places. You put it so beautifully in words today tho.

  2. What a great ritual to banish worries. May they all disappear.

  3. I also liked your ritual. Might try that one myself! You should check out my other blog called "House of Faeries".
    Love and Light

  4. I like your ritual, I always heard they work best if you make them up yourself instead of using one from somewhere else.
    I am sort of in the mood for snow too and I know I am just dreaming because we almost Never get snow where I live. I think I am in this mood because it has got colder eariler this year. My mom knocked down a wasp nest this week too, so they must have been bad this summer

  5. What a good banishing ritual, and it's the perfect phase of the moon to be doing one, too. I hope your worries and troubles are gone, making room for new joys and abundance to enter your life!


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