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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two Words "Depressing and frustrating "

I find this topic of “What story is your body telling today?
I’m really having a difficult time with a body telling story.
I don’t like to look at other posting. I don’t want to be influence by other blog so I need to speak open and honest

I know I don’t always eat healthy.
I know this is a cop out. Statement time… My body is sore after work and I don’t want to be bothered with more home stuff
I know what I want my body to say and I have ideal how to get there.
But to find the time and energy to apply them to me is anther story. Which at time I find it frustrating and depressing.

Well I had my weigh in at T.O.P.S and I lost a 1 and ¾ pounds and I’m at 190 pounds.
I’m hoping for a standstill weigh in at our meeting.
If anyone gain we have to add a buck to the pot


  1. I like what you said at Jamie's blog. What you are trying to say with your body, and what you are saying, are sometimes day and night. That simple sentence was exactly what my long winded blog entry today was trying to say.
    And get some rest for yourself!

  2. being too tired to cook.. have you ever cooked double when you cook something and freeze it? just a thought. or else a vegie soup that can be frozen in portions..
    well done on your weight loss, chipping away little by little and soon you will be down to your desired weight. hang in there Dora xo

  3. It's going in the right direction so can't be all bad.

  4. I so appreciate your honesty and straightforward approach.

    It sounds like your work is so hard on your body. I hope you get some rest time and body pampering time too.

  5. It's hard when your body isn't happy and then you listen to her and you're like, OK, whatever! I hope the frustrations passes soon so you can start healing your relationship with your body.


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