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Monday, November 03, 2008

Maybe It All Is Benifits

Yes I’m still involved with soul coaching and the question is “What are you going to commit to today?”
I just got home from work and just got on to my computer.
At first I would say to your question “I’m not real commit to anything real important”
See everything really not all that big but I’m coming to realize even the small things add up.
This morning I went to work and I do home care and the lady I do is disabled and real my job isn’t what some would say is important but I make her life more comfortable so she can stay in her own home.
She ask me for some counsel about her niece who is a single mom and I made a few suggestion and she liked my ideal and it made me feel good.

Then my son Bart need some picture of him so I got the digital camera and took some. He also needed a baby picture of him and I thought

This picture was cute but he didn’t.

Then I’m committed to taking care of the family which will be a large green salad for dinner and some light pick up.
Plus lunches for tomorrow.
I’m hoping to spend some quite time and do a little reading. I guess it easier to hope then commit. I don’t want to be telling my self an untruth.
This isn’t a day commit but a longer commit I’m joining tops which stand for “taking off pounds sensible”
I know my body is my own personal temple and being over weight isn’t really what one or I think one doesn’t do to it personal temple.
Confession time…I done a lot to my body which I wouldn’t call it was even good for one self.
I need some type of support group.

I put together a little altar nothing fancy. I don’t serve my coffee or tea in mugs so why should I go out and be fancy on my altar.
But I decided to rock the boat a bit.
I real no nothing about charka and I’ve never had much to do with the color orange maybe a pumpkin and that’s about it.
One thing has been interested me are the charka and I never knew what an orange means and the other color I did was Blue
The blue item is a creature that Bart made in 8th grade art and I’m not sure what it is but the creator would know and I’ll leave it at that.

Now back to “rocking the boat”.
See on my mom side I’ve real rocked the boat at times. Let see I’ve used other toothpaste other then crest and even brave enough to try Russian tea.
This would be rocking the boat. I could go into detail about some other ways I’ve rocked the boat.
But one place I’ve always was a little nervures about rocking the boat was having “color clash”.
I decided to take a color that I don’t ware at all which is orange. See I have olive completion and anything orange is just awful on me.
Then I want to add anther color to my altar and object. But I first thought of colors that blends nicely with orange but I decided not to and go with something that real isn’t for orange and came up with the color of blue.
I thought what could I use that had meaning to me. Well I thought of going to the thrift store and the dollar store.
But then I was getting something off my dresser and saw the blue creature and knew it was just what it need.

I have a few rock which could be interrupted for paper weights but it to keep me grounded but not held down.
I have one candle that I light as I’m reading which I’m reading People of the lie
I got this book from Donna and I know her and I would total interrupted this book differently but neither one of us would be right or wrong in our thoughts.
So I’ll leave at that.
But it gave me an ideal for later on for my monthly “In the know” but I’m doing a meme for November and December.

I was looking for words of wisdom that would relate to “small steps” and here it is..
The Amazing Power of Small Steps
by Kathy Gates
It's the small things in life that can drive you loco on any given day, isn't it? (yes, I see heads nodding!). Like the batteries dying in your garage door opener in the middle of the mother of all rainstorms. Or the birdfeeder that makes a mess on the back patio. Or the leaky bathroom faucet.

But it's also the small things in life that seem to make it all worthwhile. A hug from a child. A beautiful sunset. A stranger stopping to help.

It's a normal tendency to think that life is made or broken by the BIG things in life. It's easy to sit around and complain about how life sucks, and wait for the knight (or princess) to show up, or the magic pill, or the lottery win that will make life better.

But the truth is (drum roll, please) -- life is made up of very small steps.

Think of the small steps in your own daily life. Like how many small "steps? it takes just to get dressed in the morning (get up, turn on light, turn on shower,etc.). Or the many small steps to prepare dinner. You get the idea -- econds turn into minutes, into hours, into days, into a lifetime.

I’d like to put this as part of my altar but not sure how but it will come

Murphy and I got all the ceramic molds that was on the basement floor and out the barn/shop.
Honest time…I’m not sure if this was such a good ideal or not There need to be shelves put out there so the molds can be organize by my mold notebook.
There stacked neatly but still shelves need to be put in and when we get to that they need to be hauled some place else.
My plans were to work at place I was grantee a paycheck until Bart was out of high school then focus on home and ceramics.
Honest time…I have a fear with the economic climate things may not work out as I want them to.
Well one thing is positive step a least majority of my molds are on one level. Some molds can get pretty heavy.
But there is a small shelf in basement of molds but there off the floor. Plus now we can put back our wood stove fairly easy which will supplement our heating bill

Yes, there a give away over at simple needs the reason she having this give away is for her 100th post. You need to check this stuff out it sound great


  1. I'm glad you said that its perhaps the little commitments that count. The little things DO add up over time. Very wise words, thanks Peppy!

  2. Thought you might appreciate knowing about some transformative meditations I've found online for free:


    You mentioned on my blog maybe looking for some light meditations... I really enjoy the ones at this link. Lots and lots of miracles to you for your own Soul Coaching journey! Here's to having tea with our dreams!

  3. I love both pictures of your son. :) Being committed to family is beautiful. Having an altar that speaks to you is important. You're doing great!

  4. I really enjoyed reading your post, reading about your thoughts, your day, the way you created your altar, for sharing all the little steps that make up a special life.


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