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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Baby It Not That Far Down

Yesterday when I was telling about the next up coming book “12 Secrets of Highly Creative Woman” I didn’t put a link to sign in for the 2nd chapter.

Well things got done around here over the weekend mainly on Saturday I shampooed all the carpet in the house.
This time I was a little wiser the last. I used the shampoo that they recommend for the machine.
Last time I end up having terrible problems with allergies. So this time I used basic H.
I finish Bart carpet today he worked yesterday and floor needed picked up and I wasn’t about to pick up after some able body person.

Now I feel I can start putting things around the place for Yule Season.
I’m hoping to get some smaller things done around the place on my days off during the week for the Yule Season.

This morning when I got up I open the living room curtain walked and started some coffee and looked out my kitchen window and there was a white tail deer and recently my nose and ears been plugged.
I know you’ll are thinking what does a plugged up nose and ears have to do with a white tail doe.
It still deer season and Bart haven’t got his deer. I didn’t quite feel like helping to gut a deer.
So the deer got to live anther day. I believe the season over soon

I made up some Dashi out of odds and ends of vegetables I had around the place.
The I add some Miso paste I’m trying to get the crud out of my body.

Murphy decide we need to redue the steps to side of our home. Opinion time…I like to redue the entry to the side of the house and to the sliding glass door off the dinning room.
The only three things we are lacking is know how, time and money.
Well actual it went fairly well.
Murphy has trouble seeing a figuring out shapes.
I’m fairly good at doing and seeing shapes.
We use Bart a little bit for brut strength.
Plus we didn’t have to buy any special supplies for it. We had enough scrap lumber to redue the steps.

Let see I did some everyday stuff around the place. Dishes, and finished up shampooing the carpet in Bart room and shampoo in front of the boob tube and part way down the hall way so I could empty the tank in the carpet shampooer


  1. My uncle and cousins went hunting and got four deer between them, so their freezers are full for the winter, but butchering deer is hard work.

    I hope you are feeling better soon and are able to get your renovation project done.


  2. Yule is so close, it's true! And so is January. I must get a copy of that book. Miso is amazing for the body, isn't it? I hope it makes you feel better soon.

  3. I'm missing a couple deer. I have a feeling my neighbor's brother got them. Not that I'm sorry since they were real pests. But I do miss seeing them in the yard. I'll see more soon enough though. The deer are overpopulated and soon enough others will take their place.

    Good luck with the steps. I'd fix them for you but I have to finish my coffee.

  4. Sounds like you have been busy. I'm glad the deer escaped.

    Coffee is on.


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