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Monday, December 01, 2008

November Weather Report 08

The warmest day in November was on the 1st 56.1 (13.4)
The coldest day in November was on the 25th 17.1 (-8.3)
The average warm temperature in November was 46.8 (8.2)
The average cold temperature in November was 25.6 (-3.5)

It real don’t look like much like holiday season. I notice snow up on the mountain on the 5th of November.
It snow in valley on the 6th of November but it didn’t last

I went Cyprus shopping today. I would tell you all what I got but I don’t know if any of my family reads my blog or not.
I got my self a book and my client/friend Donna one also.
I’m pleased what I got.

On Christmas eve or Christmas day I usual bring Lasagna for dinner. But this year I’m not sure if I’m going to or not, because of the cost.
I been looking at vegetable dishes to take

I receive a Dean and Deluca catalog. Well I’ve never spent that kind of money on a food gift.
It is clear out of our price range.
But there two items I would like to try to make is Panforte not sure which recipe I’ll use.
I also thought making some forture cookies but also I’ve seen them called Yoko Moku cookies or Jewish Misforture cookies.
I’m thinking of doing more Yoko Moku cookie style there rolled like a cigar.

I still feel like crud my ears are still plugged and hurt. I been resting and drank Miso broth.

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  1. You're right - our areas do look a lot alike. The photo looks like it was taken on my road.

    My youngest daughter and you think alike too. She has a thing about making Lasagna for special gatherings :)

    When I gift food my choice is Maple Syrup. But my 'free connection' sold out and I'm not looking to buy. It was a bad year and production was down making the stuff even more expensive than usual. Pushing $50 a gal it makes gas look cheap even at $4+ a gal.


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