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Sunday, October 26, 2008

With the Greatest Of Ease

I can’t recall the exact date I start to go down hill. I mean when did I real let my body get out of shape.
I real can’t say I was always good to my body.
I’m over weight by a least 50 pounds and it wouldn’t even hurt me to loose 65 pounds.
At this time my foot hurt it actual my left foot the inside of my arch and toward the back of my arch.
It seems like everyday I have some type of muscle, joint or bone pain.
The real main cause of my pain is I’m overweight.
And I know if I move more and eat better I wouldn’t be so fat. And do I do it maybe for a short time but not really.

Well part of the reason I start to think again on this subject my son came up for a short visit from Postfall Idaho.
He and his dad Murphy clean up the mud bogger that been in our yard.
Well Sawyer brought this dump trailer and loaded up the mud bogger.
Sawyer just leaped up and over the sides of the dump trailer with grace and easy. At one time not saying how long ago, only I say a very long time ago I could move like that.
So I felt how embarrass and foolish I feel letting my body go.

It took some good ole fashion Yankee know how to get that old mud bogger in the back of the dump trailer.
It and Toyota pick up with a ford engine 400 cubic inches. So we jacked, shoved, pushed, and pull.
And even used a big ole tree to push up against it to finish loading it.
It loaded and gone

Sawyer hauled up a different motor for Bart Toyota pick up. So today he and his brother took out the old motor and now the motor that Sawyer brought up is on and engine hoist.
It got to be relined so it can be drop in.

We finely got a new slider for our dinner room. The other one the glass was fogged over couldn’t real see out of it.
The seal was broke so it leaked like a sieve.
Then the frame of the window that was hooked to the house had a half-inch of daylight showing though.
So now we have a new slider in. With help of Heinz.

When Sawyer came up he brought Max up Sam dog. Well their something wrong with the dog.
He is two years male and doesn’t lift his leg like a male dog should. He acts lot like a puppy.
I have to say Daisy was sure put out by him mostly when he curled up beside her mommy.
Daisy thinks I’m her mommy so I bet Daisy was glad to see Max leave

Edit note...Sawyer and his cousin Sam bought a dump trailer together

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  1. Lots going on at your place! Good luck with the weight issue. I put on a lot of wt. with menopause. I now walk a lot and take aquafit classes. Still eat whatever I want. Haven't lost too much yet, but at least I've stopped gaining.


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