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Saturday, October 25, 2008

In the Know (holiday Improvement)

The 25th of the month has arrived and that means it time for in the know and this month question is Which holiday don’t you like and how would you change it
If you want to do this please posted on your blog and a link back to this post.
So I can come back and read it.
Please also pass the word about in the know

The holiday I real don’t care for is Memorial Day. I understand this holiday is for our veterans that served our and different countries who died for a belief.
But we have veteran day in November which here it little on cooler side. I don’t have any trouble with a having a day to give to all of our veterans.

It seem like around here we go up to cemeteries and place flowers on our family members who pass on.
I can’t speak for others but I run up to Grandview on place cheap plastic flowers on my mom and dad grave.
Then also I do the same for Murphy parents.
Although I’ll walk around and visit graves, family members and friends that has been laid to rest.
To me this seems very cheap, cold, and impersonal.
Everyone has a great story about them.

To honor those who have passed over I think we should make a day to learn and celebrate those who have passed.
Instead of flowers unless that was part of their life when they were a live.
Go up to the cemeteries and place a stand of something about them if they love to cook place some cookbooks, if their into track place some running shoes, if there into music play some of their favor music, or what every they were into let it be known.
Share a little bit about this person who has passed on.
Even the spirit has something great to offer if we let them.
Plus I think it would be a grand place to have a potluck up in the cemeteries to bring a dish of one of your deceased family or friend to share it with others.

I know some religions and culture celebrates the spirit life by the means of a holiday called Samhain or Halloween
which some people may say this would be a great time to do this and others wouldn’t.
Statement time… The weather here is not what I would call reliable around the end of October
So a different part of the year would be better in our area.
Personal statement…I wouldn’t have any trouble going up on Halloween building a bond fire but in reality it cold and wet then
Actual between first day of Autumn until mid October would be just fine in my neck of the woods.
Nothing wrong with weather around mid May and until mid June

Next two months I’m not doing in the know because of the two holidays Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Instead I’ll be doing a question type of meme that I’ll be calling “Eight Question and growing” more to come later

I was recently tag by To do a six random things about me.

Now for the rules

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1. I went out with an Arab Once and boy did he every like his beer.
2. When I was younger my dad wouldn’t tell anyone his middle name. And he sign his name H.S and he said H.S stood for "Horse Shit".
So I thought his middle name was shit. It actually Siver
3. I was on the debate team in high school.
4. I threw a rock though jewelry store window.
5. I know how to throw a lariat but never tries it off a horse.
6. I don’t believe in heaven or hell

Now for the people I’m tagging, I’m tagging the first 6 on my blog typing this out on Friday the 24th

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  1. I really don't celebrate any holiday in a big way. I think unless your young and in love valentines is silly. Easter is fine if you are a big into church, but unless you have small kids who hunt eggs that is about it for us on that day. Memorial day and Labor day are usually spent at work. All the big sales are then, Fourth of July is another day at work. I don't do any of the Presidents days at all. So this brings us to the fall. I love Halloween, but I don't have a yard and we are in an apartment so we never get kids coming to the door. I do try to do something for the Samhain part of the day. This year we are having a dumb supper just before midnight.
    Thanksgiving is nice because we do get together as a family but I think Christmas is a pain the butt. It is to commercial. I work myself to death at work in the weeks before, there is never enough money and we don't buy but one thing since we trade names in our family. I buy for the grandkids but they already have to much so even that is hard.
    I guess I am what some people call a scrooge but I would rather enjoy a normal everyday kind of day with my family than to make a big deal out of the days we are suppose to celebrate..

  2. Mine is posted!

    I'm still giggling at your #2. :)

  3. I kind of agree with you about Memorial Day. I'm not big on graves or visiting grave sites. I personally want to be cremated and have a tree planted or something that renews.

    MY own least favorite holiday, I think is New Year's Eve since it seems more about getting drunk for most people than about anything else. I'll work on the meme and get back to you.

  4. My random facts.....

    1. My little finger on my left hand is bent.
    This is a result of a fall in a netball match, teachers v. pupils, back in 1980.
    It remained weak and lo and behold I dislocated it again about 8 years ago.
    Quite simply it was knocked and jumped out of joint.
    One day I will get it fixed, but know it will be painful!

    2. My middle name is Elizabeth, after my nana who was Eizabeth Ellen, known as Dolly.
    The family came over from Germany just at the beginning of the war.
    Her father was a clockmaker. The name was Schumacer, so I may be related to Michael!

    3. When I was 16 I worked as a nurse aid in a local hospital, now demolished.
    I was based on the men's medical ward.
    One job I had to do was to "prepare" the patients for surgery.
    This meant shaving private areas with a razor!

    4. I can play the spoons.
    I find the older, soup spoons are the best.

    5. I enjoy pease pudding .
    I did not eat it for over 15 years following a school dinner episode when I was 7.
    On a table of 6, I was the only one who liked it, so I swapped my dinner with the others on my table in return for their pease pudding.
    I ate a whole plate full!
    I wasn't very popular that afternoon!

    6. I have evil thoughts about a former teacher, Mr. Pallister.
    When I was 9 and not liking cheese pie or coconut pudding he made an example of me in front of the whole junior school, by forcing me to eat them both!
    "People like me pay taxes so people like you can have free school meals!"
    Were the kind words he said at the time.
    Soon after my dinner I played skips and was sick.
    I was so frightened I ran home to Auntie Dot.
    I can picture her to this day, baking at the kitchen table.
    She walked straight to the school, apron on, rolling pin in hand.
    My family had a whip round and from then on I did not have a free school meal again, even though I was entitled to them.

  5. Hi... I posted six random things. Longwindedly, I'm afraid.

  6. I don't know, Samhain/Halloween wouldn't be the same if it wasn't late in the fall. We should do a contest on predicting the first snowfall of the year.

  7. I totally agree with you on Memorial Day!! When I was a child, Memorial Day was for FAMILY that we have lost; to remember THEM. And Veteran's Day was in November to remember those who gave their lives for the country.

    I don't know when it became a day of 'veterans' in May, but I think it should go back to the way it was.

    Great idea for a meme. I hope I can have time to do it soon.

  8. My favorite holiday is April Fools Day. The rest pale in comparison. My least favorite is Veteran's Day - it reminds me how mistreated the Viet Nam veterans were/are.

    I'm not "IT" anymore. I tagged some others.

  9. That's funny about your dad's middle name!

    I think a lot of the meaning has been lost from Memorial Day. All my relatives are buried in another state, but if they were nearby, I'd celebrate the way it is done for Dia de los Muertos on Nov 1 & 2.


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