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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Winters Coming and Getting Things Ready On the Home Front.

I’m sick of our election. I’ll be so glad when it over. The only one that makes any money on the mud slinging is the Media.
Boy if I ran the show things would be different. I wouldn’t let the candidate advertise on TV or radio.
Starting 6 weeks before the election.
One day a week for 2 hours they need to have a town meeting type of debate up till the election.
That’s all what our election needs to be!!!!

Well mainly Murphy been moving our firewood into the barn/shed. But today since I had the day off I help.
I would guess we have about 2 cord of wood. We mainly burn larch and red fir. We use to burn about 5 to 8 cords a year.
But since we did some energy saving on this place it takes less wood.
We only plan to use wood when it get down below zero.
The rest time we heat by natural gas and it cheap here.

Well I got all the weeds and items out of my royal sunshine flowerbed honest time…I really let it go though the summer I just don’t do good though the summer heat.
I haul 3 loads of weeds out of there.
Dug up all the plants I want and the bulbs also.
Carefully took care of them. So they could be replanted.

Once I got it all dug up. Murphy help me put everything back in accepted the bulbs. I planted mums and phlox back
Oh don’t you hate it when you can’t recall a plant. I separate some plant called feather something or rather.
I dug up a low lie plant.
My friend Quenelle gave me some plants and she told me she lost her feather something or rather.
So I have anther box of them and I thought dividing that box and giving her part of them.
We have a plant you know the one you can’t recall it name. Quenelle gave to me.
I want to move it in my royal sunshine flowerbed because it under the roof on corner and the snow every year falls off and just smash it all to kingdom come.
Plus Quenelle lost her.
We’re thinking of going up to Katka to see her and her husband Earl this Friday but I’ll call them before we go

Well this morning when I got up Jack Frost made his known that he is around this was the first morning that I had to scrape windows before I went to work.
Maybe I need to be clearer on it. Murphy did my windows.

A quick fact that the 25th will be “In the know” Question of month is.
What holiday don’t you like and how would you chance it?
Then there is a survey on my side bar.

Edit Note…I really didn’t want that picture of my flower bed but I been having trouble up loading picture this evening


  1. They've been predicting frost here this week. It was pretty cool during the day today.

    I'm sick of the mud slinging with the campaigning, too. It's all a bunch of innuendo and half-truths. Really makes me angry.

  2. I like your idea of no campaign ads. Wouldn't that be glorious. They might actually have to talk to us and try making sense instead of innuendo and slurs and sound bites.


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