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Monday, October 06, 2008

I Didn't Wake Up In a Iowa Post Office.

I been told that we dream most nights or when we are a sleep. Well if you can’t recall your dream after being up for an hour or less.
You’re not ready to deal with that part of your life.
But some time I have strange dream so this time as I was drinking my morning coffee and watching the news. I took notes on the dream I had last night

Murphy and I went to town to do some errands. We park in Safeway parking lot and I went over to the post office it wasn’t open yet, because it was early in the morning.
We haven’t had a post box there for years.
But for some strange reason we had a key to our old box so I open it and we had mail in there.
I got one of those fold over type card that you seal shut with a sticker from my friend Quenelle.
She knows my address out where I live.
Plus there was junk mail.
But there was this large envelope address to me.
So I open and it was from the state of Iowa. I was getting sued for $175 for steeling flour from some mill back there.
“I never been in the state of Iowa”

As I was leaving the post office there was a few ladies in there talking about how there benefits was getting cut from the Restorium ( a boarding home for mainly the elderly)
But out side the post office I met Murphy and hand him the envelope and said to him “I’m being sued for steeling flour”.
So he open and read it and said “couldn’t you keep your nose out of the flour” I said “ your so funny” Then I woke up

I’m a fan of the Dream Moods

My Aunt Eve makes great pop corn ball and she isn’t around. No she didn’t die or least I’m 99% sure she kicking still.
Well I been craving popcorn balls you know it getting that time of year. So I went on the net and I’ll be doing these Popcorn ball

Murphy clean out one end of the hay barn so we could stack firewood in there. When he was doing that I worked on the “royal sunshine flowerbed”.
He thinks we in for some economic hard time. And I’m sort of in agreement with him but he worry more about the big one is coming total clasp of the economy.
The tree nursery where he works at sold only two or three truck load of tree this fall and that for a small dig crew for about a week of work if that.
He worked all summer out there because he has pruning experience and knows how to take care of trees.
Well the other guys are tree diggers.
Some of the guys got laid off early in the summer and I don’t know how many got unemployment left or who had worked this summer.
But the owner hired some one to teach them pruning but they weren’t in to it.
So Murphy I went up on our property on the north bench and cut some post to lay down in barn to stack firewood on.


  1. Strange dream. Did you ever find out what it means? Ummm - those popcorn balls look good!

  2. Oh, I LOVE popcorn balls! I haven't had one in ages. My favorite way to make them is to use Jell-o powder as flavoring and color, cherry and grape are my favorite.

  3. So, you've been stealing flour? hehe What a dream! I find it so funny some of the dreams we can have...makes you wonder what they all mean, especially when you dream of being in a place you've never been to before!!

    Gosh, I haven't had popcorn balls in simply ages. I've bookmarked that recipe link and maybe one day soon I'll make some:-) xoxo

  4. That was an odd dream. Guess you'll be avoiding stealing flour from now on. ;)



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