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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Do I Completely Understand My Self..Not Completly

I haven’t done my self a reading for a while. Actual I do my readings from different sources. Personal thought…I don’t believe in one belief has all the right or wrong answer but we are all individual and need to real look deep inside of us Plus I don’t think can predict the future 100% and no god/dess wants us to.
To me it playing with fire

I always pick 4 tarot cards when I do a reading. One represent each direction of north, east, south and west.

The devil (trickery) I believe we have a choice peer an simple if we want to be part of evil. “Not saying it always easy to stay away from evil”
Do I believe the devil tries to get involved with our life? “You can bet your sweet bibbies on that one”
Who is this devil well neither male nor female? It takes many shapes and performs many false tasks in our life.
Sometime devil will play on small stage and other time it will be on the world stage.
I bet we can all name some how we let the devil play us for a fool.
At this time I won’t point fingers now

Four of Wands (completion) I’ve have a hard time feeling like I every complete anything in my life.
I always find fault to most things I do. Never prefect but I know there no such thing but I still demand it.
It seem I’ll start a project but some how Murphy law some how always plays a part in me not completing a task.
I could list why I didn’t finish something or what I need to complete a certain task. But this isn’t the place or time to do it.
But I have learned over the year to actual see the positive or give my self some credit when I complete something.
I start to clean out my bedroom closet. No I didn’t get it all done. But I got rid of the crap, sort things that there more manageable, and got rid of the clothes I don’t want or wear.
But I have an ideal in my mind what I want it to look like but completing it is anther story

The moon(Night Journey) Please note…I’m not sure completely what this card real mean by night journey or what it means to me. but I need to do a little reading up on it and I’ll give you my honest thought towards it.
I have my dreams and goals in my life what I want but I live in a real world. As I said before I want to start doing ceramics again.
I work part time and we need my money to live on. So how can I drop my job and go at in ceramic work?
At this time the tree nursery isn’t all that good because of the building business. So I’m not sure how Murphy job will be.
In my last card of “four of wands” I mention on what I need to complete the closet task. Well I have to say sometime I can’t decided if I should buy item A, B or C. Knowing I only can real afford one item.
So I’m like trying to find my way around in strange dark room looking for something that I can’t make up my mind.
So I let it cripple me in getting my goals done.

The Chariot (Determination) At time I can be real stubborn when I feel I need to. I have determination to be come healthier, reopen my ceramic business and in many other area of my life I have determination but it always seem like the wheels or what every falls off my chariot.
But I know it necessary part of life for one wheel to come off so we can real take a moment and look at our life.
One thing by doing fitday I can see some area I need to change in my diet. I need to decrease my fat and eat differently to get my protein in.
Do I know what I need to do not real but I know what the problem is but do I know the cure.
Not really.

Quick reminder or pest time call it as you see it. The 25th of the month is “In the know” and this month question will be “What holiday don’t you like and would you change it”
I’m doing a survey on my side bar about the economy


  1. I think your statement about "trying to find your way around a dark room" sums up the Moon card in an interesting way. The Moon tends to be about separating illusion from reality and using your intuition to guide you (a very general interpretation).

  2. I think it's so fascinating that you can read tarot cards. That's something I've never done, although I do have a set that was given to me as a gift years ago. I just haven't taken the time to learn how to read the cards! xoxo

  3. Thank you for visiting me tonight to wish me a happy birthday. Thank you so much for that. I like your ideas on prayer, too.

  4. I have never tried a tarot card reading. It's not tthat popular in Singapore. I do believe in Fengshui.

  5. The tarot is so fascinating isn't it. I always think the Moon card has to do with the unconscious and the deep feminine, so when I get that card I pay special attention to my dreams.


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