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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heads or Tail (Scary Story)

I haven’t done Heads or tails for a while and this week theme is “scary story” real or not. To me it just sound like plain fun

There was this old white house that always had a fresh coat of white paint with beautiful yard.
Yet it has been rumor it been haunted for years.
Although no stories been every told why it was haunted the closes cemetery was over 5 miles from the place.

So one day a couple of grade school kids around 4th or 5th grade was selling raffle tickets for fund raiser for their local school.
As being young and thinking their life is mortal. They went under a climbing rose bush it still had green leaf and wooden walkway leading up to the front door.
It had a knocker on the door although the two kids where to short to reach the knocker so they made a fist and hit the door and in moment or so a lady in blue apron open the door.
The two said they where from Township school and they were selling raffle tickets to help the school to get some different supplies for they’re after school programs.
So what seem to be a nice lady or least she had a pleasant smile and invited them in for some punch and cookies.

Both sat at her round table that was in corner of her kitchen and she went to the fridge and got out her pink punch poured both of them a glasses.
Plus she put two cookies on a small plate and gave each of the boys the punch and the cookies.
She then step around the corner and bought 5 dollars of raffle tickets from both of the boys

This all sound what most sweet people will do. But there was something in that punch not sure what it is but some says it takes your spirit out of you and swap it from one of the local dead people buried up at cemetery and the scary part is that you don’t die you get some spirit never knowing who or what spirit you may get.

So my question where is she getting her spirits to swap around. Spirits has gone to the other side

This is made up story nothing is true about it. My blog is complete honest and straight forth


  1. Happy HoT... and an interesting premise for a scary story :-) I'm glad it's just imaginary.

    My HoT is up at http://bookingit.today.com/2008/10/28/heads-or-tails-tails-write-a-scary-story/ I'd love you to come visit.

  2. Interesting --- my frist HoT is a true story --- I wasn't there when it happened, but hubby swears by it.

  3. Good question - where does she get the spirits from people in the cemetary to swap for those poor boys? Hmmmmm. I guess she watches and waits until they all have a Spirit party in the cemetary. Course the bodies are dead, but the spirits are still there, flying around waiting for something fun to happen.
    So when they have a party, the old lady jumps up and grabs one or two and puts them into her pitcher of punch in the refrigerator. LOL!

  4. What a delightful story. You have a good imagination. I enjoyed reading it.

    Thanks for stopping by my Writing Nook. I hope you have a great evening.


  5. *pour myself a cup of coffee, look into cookie jar*

    That's a scary stroy... glad that it isn't real :)


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