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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ABC Wednesday O is for...

It Wednesday and it time for ABC Wednesday

O is for….

Oyster Sandwich

I really like oysters. Every so often my mom would make pan-fried oysters dipped in egg batter and rolled in breadcrumbs.
My father in law tried to shock me about oyster stew so he could see my reactions. See on Christmas Eve they would serve oyster stew that evening. “Oyster nothing for me”
I like Oyster Rockfellow and add little hot sauce to it.
One day I was eating down at Muggy’s for dinner and ordered an oyster sandwich it was so good that’s what we had for dinner, with coleslaw last night.
Grandpa Clearance (my dads dad) lived with us when I was young
He liked to eat raw oyster and buttermilk. Confession time…When I was younger I didn’t like buttermilk and my friend Donna likes buttermilk and so I tried it and still taste the same from when I was younger.
Now for raw oyster I just haven’t been brave enough to try them

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  1. Yum... I could just "murder" that sandwich...
    --We have several oyster farms just north of here (Point Reyes - Tomales Bay area)... They're delicious, although a bit pricey...

  2. That's something I've never tasted. Perhaps one day!

  3. Hi!
    I'm with you, can't imagine eating a raw oyster, although my dad used to. YUK! Take Care!!


  4. I am not a fan of any Oysters that are raw!!... but on the half shell with lots of bread crumbs, better and cheese....ok by me! Nice ABC!

  5. In all my years I have never eaten Oysters.
    Bear((( )))

  6. Wow something I have to try someday, thanks for sharing.

  7. Oysters straight from the shell do it for me, I have never heard of an oyster sandwich. But I guess that anything goes . . .


  8. Ewww! Oysters!! I'm happy that you like them but they are not for me! LOL!

    Good post though! Thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday! Hope to see you again. :)

  9. O is for OMG I think I'm going to be sick just thinking about eating raw Oysters.

    Picky Eater

  10. Hmmm... Oyster sandwich sounds rather good. I think I'd pass on raw ones, though.


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