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Monday, October 20, 2008

Blah Blah Blah....

It one of those evening and I’m not sure what I real want or need to blog about. To be quite honest I could blog about.
They’re this money that got stolen which I don’t feel like blogging about.
I don’t feel like doing politics or anything spiritual. Last Wednesday I went to something different then most things around here.
Closes thing to the Gardenia center in Sandpoint. Still my brain can’t write about that.
At work I made Corn Bread I guess that homesteading and it was lip-smacking good.
In family and family history the only resent news that my Uncle Glen passed away this morning he was 91 years old and would have been 92 the sixth of November. I’ll post more later this week.
I just finish reading a Dr. Phill book Life Doing What Works and What Matters a very good book it had some good point for self improvements.
I seem I can’t get the step taken for me to get going on the ceramics. I’m planning on getting the Work Book But I don’t know when.
I’ve been making better choice when it comes to my health. But nothing real to toot my horn about

I was meaning to post this reminder but some how my brain had some farts in it.
Well on the 25th of this month is the day I do In the know and the question is Which Holiday don’t you like and how would you change it
I still have my survey on my side bar

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  1. Sounds like you're just doing general home stuff, which is good. Me too - we are busy planning a party for Samhain (Halloween)


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