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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It Hasn't Change One Bit.

This morning Murphy decided that he was going up on our property on the north bench to burn.
Well he is one is some what like “chicken little” instead of saying the sky is falling he says “the big ones coming”
So he bought some Spam it was on sale.

Well as he was making his sandwich with spam. He recalls that his Grandpa John and Grandma Elizabeth and this guy who was their neighbor one time they went up to Cooks Lake when he was 12 or so.
He called they brought spam sandwiches and smell of hot coffee.

I’m not a spam fan what so ever. But I decided to take a small taste of it. I know sometime your taste buds do change.
I never cared for hominy when I was young but now I like it.
But after taking the taste for spam, it still yuck. Statement time…I can say “yuck” on my blog when I was younger I wasn’t aloud to use the term “yuck” in my parents home. Mostly at the table!!!!
When my dad was working for the railroad every so often he would bring stuff off the freight train and this would make my mom happy so she could save money or the other side of the coin. She wouldn’t have to spend any money.
Well one of the items he brought home was spam that was part of the food communities.
My parents wouldn’t qualify for any of safety net programs such as reduce lunches for school, welfare, Medicaid or etc.
Yes, one the item he brought home was like a box of spam. I don’t recall the size of box but it was yucky then and it still yucky.
Even I recall my mom frying it with eggs.
Ok I’m don’t even care for baloney.

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