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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Which President Won't Be Getting My Vote In 08

A lot of been going around the blogs about the election coming up and I real don’t think my little opinion is going to shape the world of politics
But I’m going to tell who every reading this blog why I won’t be casting my ballot for McInsane

As I’ve blog about my self once again reopening a ceramic shop.
My plan was to work until Bart graduate from high school which will be the end of May and then I thought of could possible quite my job.
Statement time…I do homecare and I real don’t care for this type of work. I like my client and she been a good friend to me and I’m paid well
Since Dubya our current president and the right wing branch of both houses real haven’t benefit us.
1.Our wages haven’t real kept up with cost of living.
2. Both of Murphy and my IRA is back down to the original investment.
3.With the current housing mess this could effect Murphy employment when the building business slow down it has an effect on the line of work Murphy does.
4.I don’t believe we should of every went in to Iraq in the first place.
5. The current Tax breaks only benefit the extreme wealthy of this county, trickle down economic doesn’t work.
6.Our world is more polluted then every before.
7. No school left behind is a joke it should read “No child with out a dime”
8. Our entire relationship in world is a mess.
9. Deregulations there hardly any look at the mess it left. I just mention three now we took people who made sure our imports was safe and look at what came in our county lead base toy and unsafe food.
Cut back on inspectors to check our food supplies.
Now let the free market run it self. Our Rx and gas companies our making record profit and running Joe Scumuh in the poor house.
10. Most American can be wipe out and total ruin financial after any medical or accident in America

I feel that Dubya did to much damage to this country and I can’t see anther four years of right wing policy with trickle down economics.
Opinion Time…If every person who walked on this earth always played fair an had empathy for all we wouldn’t need deregulations.
But I feel more then 90% of the population has a good heart but those less then 10% don’t and they can real do evil.

Confession time…I’m not sure yet how I’ll be voting “Representive in congress” for dist in Idaho.
There only two candidates on the ballot. I feel like I only have choice of a Nut Case or a Dumb Dumb. There will be only 0ne-tenth of percent of change I’ll go with the Nut Case. I would take out a loan to make bet that I’ll cast my vote for our Nut Case.
So I’m not sure if I’m going to go with Minnick, do write in, or leave it blank.
Clich here for Walt or Click here for Bill

Only one day left to give your opinion on the poll on my side bar

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  1. As someone with no voting rights.... cause I'm English! Id find myself being a Democrat always.
    But I think there is the national picture and the local one.
    And since I don't know enough about your voting system, don't know if you can vote nationally and locally, cause for me they may not be the same party. As locally I won't someone who'll take the interests of the community seriously regardless of which politicalparty they are in.
    Nationally I want something different I want aparty who is going to work for the good of the whole country, even if tat's sometimes tough.
    So that's as clear as mud then...
    Thanks for stopping by, and then giving me the opportunity to give you a rant at 9am on a Saturday morning.... breakfast time I think!!


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