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Monday, September 08, 2008

Will I Do Any Thing

I don’t know if middle age is hitting home or not but I feel like I need somethings change in my life and other places I don’t.
Ok I real don’t want to change my hubby or place of residents. Honest time…their some change I would like to make in the home organization and décor

I’m thinking of doing some fashion changes in my life. If you call what I have in my closet fashion.
So I been taking some fashion quiz to get an ideal what I might want to head towards. My first quiz says I’m a Preppy

Sweater sets and khaki's are a major part of your expanding Jcrew and GAP wardrobe. You like to stay updated with the up and coming fashion styles but you don't go too crazy! You tend to buy clothes that will stay in fashion for more than a season and ones that you can mix and match!

Although the bright colors, leather and the bohemian styles don't exactly flow with your own personal style you still find room in your wardrobe to stay hip with the changing trends.

Your "good girl" look pleases your mother but is also timeless and fashionable. People realize that you care about what you look like, but not at the expense of expensive clothes that are only fashionable for one season!

We at DailyFashion.com say "Go Girl!" You have chosen a style that is simple, fashionable and timeless but that won't put you out a pretty penny either! Your preppy style gives guys the impression that you are sweet and innocent but with a little mystery to match!

Check out these great links to help you keep that preppy look fashionable!

click here to do the quiz above

I did anther fashion quiz at

But here is a link to some of Dolce and Gabbana

Now the last quiz I did for fashion

What is your clothing style?


You tend to break a lot of rules and don't care. You are labeled as the wild child. You prefer to hang with freinds more than with family.

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by YouThink.com quizzes and personality tests.

All new fashion would be great but with my body shape which is out of shape. I been busy with work and yard sale. So I didn’t real had a chance to do my fitday but I found something that look like a good challenge.

So for some reason the above link doesn’t work here is one I know that will work
It fun to do these challenge or meme. One of the main reason I do it so I can meet new and interesting people of all walks of life.
So if you have a few minute stop in at Baby Tea Leaves

For some reason I could get baby tea leaves do hicky to work so I had to edited.


  1. Peppy Lady,

    I did the first quiz in your post and got the same answer as you did. It was fun.

    Thanks for commenting on my post today. I always enjoy visiting with you.


  2. Perhaps you should mix the skater clothing with the preppy clothes. Hey, I used to do it back in high school!


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