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Sunday, September 07, 2008

There Off and Running

Now the conventions are over for this time around for our presidential race. I real bet know one gives an ass rat what my opinion is but like I say it’s my blog.

When the campaign begin even before Super Tuesday it all seems the ones I’m cheering on gets out quickly.
It seems the two main one left I’m not all that thrilled about.

Now let take the republicans. I have to say I sort of like Earl Huckbear Confession time…I real couldn’t bring my self to vote for a preacher of any faith. I’m afraid they might have trouble keep the state and church separate. it would matter which basic sect they where from. I couldn’t even vote for JJ
Now of the rest of the candidates on the republican I have to say if any of them got it. I’m sure glad it was McInsane.
Although I won’t be voting for him.

Even my hubby is thrilled about Rock (I guess that I’ll call him for now) but for some reason I like him but I’m not all that thrilled with him as it seems a lot of people are.
When November comes and the polls show Rock leading by a large margin. I’m going to write in the little Martian for president.
When I tell people I like the little Martian policy they keep telling me he believes in ufo. Oh well I like his policy and for Vice President I’m going to write in Won although I real can’t stand most of his domestic policy but I real like his foreign policy.
But if it start to look like McInsane had a change of winning I’ll vote for Rock.

Some may ask me if I’m pro choice or pro life. I am “quality of life” I believe everyone should have a good life although not prefect from time of conception until the day you die.
Opinion time…It real gets to me when these pro lifer votes against any programs that would make life better for other then fetus
They vote against any school program, funding for anyone who takes a breath and might need to use a safety net

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  1. To tell you the truth, I don't trust any politician and to me they're all a bunch of idiots! lol While they're campaigning they'll say what you want to hear but as soon as they're elected, they couldn't give a hoot about anyone else but themselves. Here in Canada we've just found out that we'll be having a Federal election on October 14th...I cringe at the thought of all the campaigning that will now go on around here. UGH!

    Hope you're well and enjoying your weekend! It's cold and raining here so not a very pleasant day at all...it's looking more and more like Autumn! xoxo


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