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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Photo Hunt (string(s))

I haven’t played photo hunt for a while and this week theme is string(s) then the week after that the theme is “wild”
To learn more about the hunt please click here

This is the string they use for tree nurseries and I would guess other plants. It doesn’t cut in them.
Plus it makes pretty ribbon on a package


  1. These are great captures for the theme this week :) Thanks for stopping by, and have a great upcoming week :)

  2. excellent choice for the theme, i was trying to determine what they were and decided you were staking plants

  3. yours is one of the few unique takes on the theme. way to go! Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Good take on the theme. This was a hard one. You had a good idea. Thanks for stopping by mine :)

  5. what a good idea, nice that trees get the support they need

    good take on photohunt

    thanks for your visit to our photohunt

  6. Great shots! Love the "outside the box" thinking when it comes to PH submissions. Thanks for sharing! Mine is up, too.

  7. Those strings must be very helpful in giving the plants the support they need.


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