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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Head or Tail (Change)

It time for Heads or Tails and this week theme is How would you change where you live?
Next week theme is “Shake”

If I would say if I could change one thing in the area I live in it would be “Let people be more open mind though changes”
I’m not sure what bloggers heard and read about Idaho but anything different here I notice people have a hard time excepting.

I recall I was eating an Avocado and soon one my relatives point out I was eating hippy food.
Then I know some one who had dread locks and they where clean and went into one of our local pizza place and the manger came up and said, “we don’t serve your type” (although this place isn’t in business any more)
When the ERA was part of the political issues. Most people here had an opinion against it.
So Idaho was one of the last states to approve it actual I don’t even know if they did approve it.
Now there the issue of the same sex marriage. Like the ERA most people I know are against it.
Because I know there people think people that Homosexual are out to turn heterosexual people in to homosexual.
Opinion time…You can’t change one sexual ordination to anther
If you aren’t an some type of Evangelical Christian or believe in there teaching. Your consider a devil worshiper.

Basically they use the bible to scare people on different issues here. Which real gets my goat.
Sure I’m sit in my ways but gee I hope I don’t get so narrow minded that I won’t want change or excepted change in my life.
To me people who won’t except change never grows

I would say is to offer these people information on different issue from all points of opinion on all the issues.
I believe Education is key to becoming more informed as a person.
I know their people who won’t read a opposing or listen to one. Confession time…every so often I listen to CBN News and also PBS News
I’m starting to find more people who think like I do or not as close minded.
I assume people thought I had opinion as my relatives do “ultra right wing and dubya is doing a wonderful job in white house”
Well I never voted for the man either time.
But like I said I think out side of the box and more I’m out side of the box. I like my self

A quick reminder on the 25th I’ll be doing my “In the know” which is Thursday.
The question is What is fall/Mabon like in your area? Those who live in the southern hemisphere can do it on spring.
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  1. Good take on the theme this week. More people being open-minded sounds wonderful.


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