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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ABC Wednesday J is for...

It time for ABC Wednesday
J is for


When I was young I use to play Jacks and actually I was pretty good at it

I missed place my camera and last picture I took was of our old stove hood in our kitchen and it driving me nuts.
I don’t feel well I have itchy eyes and a sore throat


  1. I haven't played jacks since my sister made me a long time ago

  2. Ah gee!
    Thanks for the memories.
    When I opened your post I got a big smile on my face.

    Bear((( )))

  3. I also played Jacks as a child. It was fun. The grandsons had huge Jacks when they were kids that were made out of plastic. I well remember the metal ones.

    I hope you are feeling better soon. I also have a touch of a sore throat.


  4. I remember that we played it as well, but I cannot remember how it went.

  5. Hope you feel better Peppy! I used to play jacks. My hands were too small then to pick up all the jacks. Bet I could today though!

  6. ah, jacks. nice. :)

    hope you feel better and you find your camera soon.

  7. Anonymous6:55 PM

    i play that too a lot when i was in grade school. blessings to you, peppy.

  8. Very good thanks for bringing back memories.

  9. Jacks are fun--not many kids play jacks now.

    Hope you are feeling better.


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