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Monday, September 22, 2008

Time Off

I’m taking a week off of work. I won’t call it a vacation because Murphy is still working and we real don’t have any plans to go any were.
Donna who I take care of I had some over time with her and I won’t get paid for my overtime hours I put in.
So what I’ll do is fill out a time card and that how most of us take care of the overtime we work with our clients.

So I have some project or I should say two groups of project I would like to get done.
One is to clean and organize the closet in our place and also to do the dressers here.
I know this doesn’t sound exciting and actual I’m not all that thrilled about it.

I’m taking one day and I’m going out and have some fun. Maybe hit the thrift stores in Sandpoint or so
I never been to auction here on Thursday I just might check that out.


  1. Time-off is time-off. Enjoy it.

  2. Peppylady,

    If you have never been to an auction, please take the time to go. I love them.

    Glad you have some time off. Don't work the entire time. Relax and enjoy!


  3. Have a great time off wished I could get some time off!! by the way you one book over at my blog.. the free book giveaway so please email me at ezziriah at gmail dot com with your mailing info


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