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Friday, August 29, 2008

Sky Watch (Katka Clouds)

To see more of our sky or to be part of skywatch, Click here

I thought this time I would get some sky watch picture from Katka Mountain as I was visiting my friend Quenella Wednesday for her 61st birthday.
So I decided to bring my camera a long and get some photo from her place on Katka Mountain.
One way you would look it was all-dark, then look anther way the clouds would be all puffy and nice.
So every way one turn the sky was different

My friend Quenella thought a picture taken between the pines would be interesting.
I have to say for some reason I like the colors

This wind chime used to be in the back of there place but Quenelle decided to move it to her front porch.
It real had a nice sound to it.

It best not try to second guess the day before you. It’s always an adventure


  1. PL: The green from the trees makes the dark Skies look pretty.

  2. I can hear those wind charms, nice shots.

  3. I like the visual through the trees. The wind chimes need to move to my house. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my place. :)

  4. HI,
    I love how the trees frame the sky in the first one.
    Love the patina on the wind chime -soothing sounds to watch a darkened sky.

  5. I LOVE the colors in this! It looks so exciting!

  6. I agree about how great it is that you captured how the green trees are framing the grey sky. Nice shot.

  7. I am so pumped after his speech. And now with McInsane picking the most lame vp candidate ever, I am predicting that we will win overwhelmingly.

    Looks like we are in for some nice weather. Happy Labor Day Weekend! I hope you have fun plans.

  8. Those clouds look ominous.
    Hope it rained soon after.

  9. hi there - thanks for visiting.
    i like wind chmes but i couldn't have one myself, it'd drive me bananas!

  10. I've got a wooden one in the garden, and as the wind practically blows everyday, it's always making a noise.


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