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Saturday, August 30, 2008

It Some Bittersweet Results

If you could please take moment and answer the question on my side bar. I know it not a fancy survey but I continue to run it thought the month of September.
Thank you

I know Saturated Fat is a bad fat but I’m not sure polyunsaturated and or monounsaturated is.
But now I see I’m putting to much animal fat in my body.
So I’m going to try not to eat beef or pork two days a week.
I’m think of sitting two days during the week like Tuesday and Saturday.

Let take it from the top
purple color represents Polyunsaturated Fat and I ate 13.4 grams.
Gold color represents Monounsaturated Fat and I ate 29.5 grams
Green color represents Saturated Fat and I ate 28.8 grams.
Actual these are fat calories

Now I notice my activity level needs something added to it. My main activity is cleaning either my home or someone else home.
I put in medium pace. I could break it down to every little thing but I just use a general rate.
Which works out at 3 calorie burn a minute.
Then I been doing exercise and I would guess it about 5 minute 3 times a week and that 8 calories a minute but the time is getting longer.
Then walking which is walking the dog and that’s the same as house cleaning.
I’m not sure what rate I walk but I do get in 3 or 4 times a week
I’m think about adding jump rope starting in September or some type of outdoor stuff soon it will be wet and cold and then I can jump rope.

We don’t own a weight scales so I was in someone bathroom and I got on there scales and I weight in at 200 pounds so I gain a pound.
Plus I redid 3 of my measurements
Well the good news I lost a half of inch off my waist.
Still good news I lost a inch off of my boobs
Now it still good news I lost half an inch off of my bi ceps.

On my sidebar I have link to my fitday journal.

My hubby says thank you for even the small every day things I do and it lightens my day

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  1. Those words Thank You go a long way don't they? I took the survey!


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