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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Why Am I Trustworth

I don’t know why people tells me there deepest darkest secrets. I always live by a few simple rules about keeping secrets.
"Be careful what you tell me I won’t run out there and blab it all about town.
If I’m asked anything about what you may have told me I won’t lie for you. I’m going to give them the truth but if you lie to me it may take a very long time to gain my respect to you"

Here the thing I know these people who are growing pot because they ask me if I want to see there plants and I’ve said no.
Because if they every got arrested for it I could get blame for turning them in. And if I got summons to court I could only say in all honesty "They told me about their plants that they was growing" but I could honestly say I never seen there plants"

Here what I told them “I know you guys are only growing it for your own personal use and not selling it but if someone stumble apon your plants and turn you in for it."
You will be charge for selling it regardless if you never in your life excepted anything in trade or even money”
I think there plain foolish for having it on there place.
Confession time…I think the only time I would real go back on my word about keeping secret if I knew a child or someone unable to take care of there self because of physical, mental or emotional issues then I would speak up and say something

You see I know two of there neighbors they real don’t get along with and I mean they don’t get along
There not the only people told me things that I would just kept my mouth shut on except here in blog world.

At a later date I may post about there and why they don’t get a long with there neighbors


  1. That's the problem about someone confiding in you...you can then get caught in between if it ever comes out, especially if it's illegal. I'd rather not know if a neighbour is growing pot or whatever! lol If I ever see or hear of a child being abused, though, then I wouldn't keep quiet about it!! Hope all is well with you...we still have tons of snow here and I'm getting really fed up with winter. Unfortunately we still have another month or so of it to get through yet!! xox

  2. Peppy-
    I thought about commenting to you on my blog, but I was afraid you wouldn't see it.

    Good for you, for reading the 'Diary of Anne Frank'. It's really a simple book, made heartbreaking by the days she was living through and the life she eventually lost so horribly.

    Again, not alot of people would follow such a tenuous thread through a blog, to go somewhere completely new.

    I admire you.



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