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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Heads or Tail (Bonus) + Tackle it Tuesday (Stairway)

This week head or tail is Tail and to list anything 7 things from one category.

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Thursday March 6th I will be going to Sandpoint to pick up my bonus check and here seven things we or I think we could use or need.
1. New summer tires for the car. “Oh doesn’t that sound exciting”
2. Some Shaklee cleaning stuff a box of basic H and powder laundry soap one of our friend Murphette sells it
3. Tune up on my car. “It sort of running ruff”
4. Bras
5. A book on digital photography I’ve real like the dummy books so I’m thinking of getting Digital Photography for Dummies 5th Edition
6. Pay the 2nd half of our property tax
7. Lumber 6 by 4 or 8 by 4 to put in a garden boxes.

This week tackle project was a fairly large on we or I should give credit were it due. My hubby Murphy removed the mint green paint my mom spilled ages ago.
She had a can paint sitting on the stairway that lead into the basement and she accidentally kick it over and can of paint went tumbling down the stairs. My friend Susan was up visiting.
Next moment we heard my mom swearing. Fact…My dad could use string of swear words which had flow to them when they came out of his mouth and swore quite often.
Then on the other hand I only recall twice that I heard my mom use a string of swear words that real had no flow to it.
and each time my mom used a string use a string or tried to I would crack up laughing at her.
So we took rags and tried to mop what we would up.
So Murphy sanded all the paint of the part you step your feet on and the back part of the steps we just flipped them around.
There the side part of the steps that needs to be done.
Dust was sure flying around the house and I went to work and kept up on the place

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  1. New tires mean new trips! At least in my way of thinking. :)

    Those Dummies books are a great help to people like me, too.

    I hope you'll take pictures of the flower boxes!

  2. Oh new bras sound fun! so does gardening boxes. Thank you for visiting me :)

  3. All sound like the responsible kinds of choices I would make. I love bonuses! Get at least a little treat for yourself as well. Happy Tuesday & thanks for stoppin' by. :)

  4. That was an interesting list for today's Heads or Tails. I could think of a lot of things I need if I had extra money.

    Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment. Come back soon.

  5. I love the For Dummies books too! They are great!

    I don't bother with bras... I don't need them ;-)

  6. Hmmm...most of that stuff doesn't sound very fun. I hope you at least can get some enjoyment out of the photography book.

  7. That reminds me.. I need some new bras!... Have a great wednesday!

  8. Those stairs sound like a huge tackle. Congrats on getting it done! ;o)

    I think it's funny when my mom swears too. Just sounds so... wrong. lol

  9. There was nothing on your list for YOU, Peppy. Wish you would get something for you. You're amazing me with those projects. The things I could do if I could do that stuff. My HoT is here. Thank you.


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