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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Someday This Will All Be In the Past

Wednesday is my regular day of work. My client Donna was all bent out of shape that they were putting in new flooring in her kitchen.
No she up set because there were putting in the floor but they were no warnings. She lives in senior and disabled HUD type of apartment there not good communication between all that is involved.

I matter as well telling you blogger the little presentation that Bart and his dad Murphy did.

Chicken was on sale at BTC at .97¢ a pound so I picked three up and one was for dinner. Murphy ask Bart to take it down stair and should have went in to freezer. Bart real didn’t want to do it so being a smart ass he ask his dad were he should stick and Murphy being a smart ass told him to stick it on the furnace.
So Bart did and on Tuesday Murphy found the chicken all thawed out and it had to be tossed.
Well we all are bull headed but I honestly think Bart new his dad was pulling his leg and took advantage of it.
But they’re no way of proving this. Well it water well under the bridge

Robin over at My dream time recently post about Otto Frank who was Anne Frank father.
Well I never read the book of “Dairy of Anne Frank” quite few time my teacher took different passage from her dairy to make a point of something”
I know it more for teenage girls or teenagers in general.
But I under stand that her dad was quite the photographer and I found this site about his Photos
I wonder who also wrote a dairy and had it publish in a book so I did a google search for “famous diary” and came up with this

I guess it no real news that gas prices are going up and the American Dollar has been falling.
Well it would at this time $138 to fill up all of our rigs here now. So soon we should be getting our letter from President Dubya economical stimuli package

I went and got my bonus for the first time and I was clueless what I had coming. I got $180.17 and if any of you read my Tuesday post I made a List on my last Heads or Tail of the things I might be buying.
My friend Alice got 600 dollars and something

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