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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Time 08

Nothing real exciting about spring of 08 is going on in North Idaho. Actual this morning there was some snowflakes coming down.
I actual don’t recall any green grass showing up the grass around here is still brownish color.
The ground got swish feeling when you walk across it the ground or should say most of the ground is full of water.
I real haven’t looked much at trees either for new buds popping out.
But have seen a few birds around like robins and a little black head bird with a white body. I would guess it would be some type of chickadee
But two of my flowerbeds got bulbs poking though next to the buildings.
My other flower bed which I decided to call my “royal sunshine flowerbed” it got yellow and purple flower in it and it starting to show bare ground but some reason my doggies deiced to use that area to do there business in.

As spring stuff goes I been doing my weekly cleaning which consist of moping, vacuuming, dusting, windows and washing things like bedding , throw carpets and etc

Here a link and I believe most of the picture is facing east. 07 06. Sorry nothing for 05

I wish everyone a happy Ostrea



  1. Happy Ostara to you too, and don't worry that brown grass will turn green in a few weeks. Spring is here!

  2. Hi Dora, thanks so much for coming and commenting so much the past week... I am just visiting blogs quickly while I wait for the birth of my grandson... have a blessed Ostara ... from me here in Woodford where autumn has arrived!
    ps thanks so much for linking to me the other day, you are so sweet xo


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