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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Well Check Up

I haven’t had a physical for ages so I need some blood work done mainly check out my eltro(?? Spelling) light and I have high blood pressure, edema, and panic attacks.
So they put me on “Lisinopril” for my blood pressure.
Confession time…there a lot I could do for my improve my health. Like the first thing I could do is drink more water
Plus eat less fat and salt. Walk more which now I’m starting to do again

I don’t know what happen to my ticker factory for walking but I put up anther one.
One day or one minute at a time I just stuck up a Bloganolics Anoymous sticker to my side bar


  1. That is the same medicine I am on, and it works well, and I never got any side effects. I have had high bp for over 20 year.

  2. good luck with your physical...you are on the right step for making changes...walking is great way to reduce BP...and by monitoring your salt intake....good luck with it all...

  3. keep yourself well dora!
    its difficult to keep drinking water, my best way of doing it is to have a bottle always filled. my tap water is good so i don't buy bottled water.


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