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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Photo Hunt (different)

This week theme for the photo hunt is Different for more info about the hunt please visit our hostess TN Chick new week theme will be “I Spy”

Every morning when I wake up I look out the bedroom window from bed and everyday it something different.

And this morning it looks like the whole sky was covered with a light blanket of haze. The birch trees had a slight sway to them an up and down motion it almost look like it is trying to slightly balance it self out. To me it reminded me of scales of justices

I see clouds of different colors and shapes some time they hide the mountain peaks and then they are the days that the clouds lay low on peaks are away above the clouds.
Then there the time that clouds just don’t show up and then they are the days that the spread out all over the sky.
I look and one thing doesn’t come and go is the birch tree I can see from the bed room window.
Some time it standing perfectly still like it waiting for something to come by and as it stand lifeless hoping that it won’t be notice then they’re times when it say so graceful in wind and anther wind my blow in and it twist all about in pre discuss.
I watch the leave report to come now I’m waiting for spring and no leaves yet.
I hope soon to watch the leaves come out and some years it seem like they pop out like magic and other years it seem slower then Molasses in January.
So every morning when I look out my bedroom Window I see a different view and I like every one of them.

As I stood up and look out across the hay field I see Parcell mountain range not sure if the clouds are going to cover the tops of the peaks it looks like just barley there peaking though

Sorry I’m so late I had trouble with posting not sure if it the computer or some where on line


  1. I love the view from your window. Spectacular!

  2. Lovely post, you have a beautiful view.
    Yes, Blogger was being difficult yesterday.

  3. Sometimes it take a while to think of a picture for the word, but when you think about it eveything is different. Spring carn't be to far away as most of the winter weather seems to be behind us now.
    The sheep are called Zwartbles, they are a bit different from your normal ones. I did a post on them the other day, heres the link http://thegreenfingeredphotographer.blogspot.com/2008/02/zwartbles-sheep-and-mistletoe.html
    Cheers Mark

  4. Neat view...Odd, I've been thinking about posting the view from my bedroom. Maybe tomorrow.

  5. That's an incredible view from your window. It must be rewarding to see something so beautiful everyday.

  6. That's a fun take on the theme!


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