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Sunday, March 09, 2008

There always Sunshine and Moonshine In Your Heart

Chapter 91 In the name of God, the Almighty, the Merciful.91:1 By the Sun and its brightness.91:2 And the Moon that comes after it.
I found this in the Quran
I believe god/dess is all and mostly a loving one and forgiving one. I don’t understand why we should fear god.
To me there a different between loving someone free will and loving someone with fear as underline force.
The sun and moon bring brightness upon the earth. But brightness from deep with in each of us is the best brightness we can bring to our self and others

Saturday I notice that bare ground was showing where I have my patriotic flowerbed and all the snow is gone. I though that would be one last place free of the snow and walked out and seen I have few tulip popping up

Did all of you who need to move your clocks a head did it seem so strange it day light saving time and we still have some place six inches of snow on the ground but I’m starting to see bare ground in places like out in the hay field

Every time I get new ink for my printer it seems that some thing goes wrong with my printer. Now it says I have stuck paper in it and looks like I need to tear in to and see what up with it again.


  1. Peppylady,

    Tulips! My flower bed is buried under 18 inches of snow. My daughter did have tulips sprouting in her flower bed a couple of weeks ago, but who knows if they got frosted. Maybe not, as snow acts as an insulator.

    Yes, Meeko is an Alaskan malamute and so loves the snow.


  2. Hey PeppyLady!!! Yeah, it certainly does seem odd to have daylight saving's time come so early in the spring. (On the other hand, DLS is pointless in Alaska anyway.) But, so far we've had a very mild March except for the tremendous wind the first 2 days. The past 7 have been absolutely beautiful with lots of sunshine & warm temps, and we're all basking in it!!!

    I hope your snow melts quickly so you can once again see green growing things!


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